Campaspe (cs_whitewolf) wrote,

14/03/09 - Let's talk about The Hub2, baby!

- Hub3 guests announced so far: JOHN BARROWMAN!!! ...jasmine, beth, mary, and a season three actor! whoop! ...there is one that could "sell out the event within the next couple of weeks" once announced, speculation about this guest is leaning towards the "James Marsters" direction.

- Matt Rippy and GDL snogged XD... Matt is so amazing, and such a dirty bugger haha, lots of gay jokes during their talk XD ...yes there are "pictures"!

- Ask me about a possible S3 "spoiler" ;)'s not major but it'll make some people happy XD involves GDL, the USA and pilot scheduling (haha, actually that prolly gives it away! XD)

- The guest dinner went down for around £1000 :O I spent £140 on a signed picture of the guests taken today and Georgie spent £110 on GDL's chair XD ...I almost bought Matt Rippy's till I realised I had no way of getting it back home XD
Pictures and more of what I can remember (and abt other guests, haha) when I get home. Unless it's super exciting. Also, twitter "Campaspe" for more updates!
Tags: [§] pretty boys, [§] sex on legs, actor: gareth david-lloyd, actor: john barrowman, actor: matt rippy, event: the hub2, event: the hub3, fandom: torchwood, lj: mobile

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