Campaspe (cs_whitewolf) wrote,

{ of squee and flail ...and a smidgen of fail }

SQUEE, the first: JARED PADALECKI ANNOUNCED FOR ASYLUM3!!! I couldn't be any luckier if I tried omgee.

SQUEE, the second: AM ALMOST AT THE HUB2, AWAKAWAKA!!! I have been bouncing around since Wednesday and omgee canot believe it's here. Cannot wait to see my girlies and the flisties I've never met in person before too!

FLAIL: GRAVEROBBER!!! Was at the Repo! showing in Glasgow last night. The Graverobber (Terrance Zdunich) was so awesome there are no words! Stacey and I ended up heading out into town with them and got to hang out with Terence XD good times! Will post more about his awesome (and the kisses and hugs and minor groping and pictures) when I'm actually home and not updating via LJ/mobile.

FAIL, the first: forgot my phone charger at Stacey's house this morning. Epic fail and headesking commenced! updates WILL still happen, just not as regularly as I'd have liked.

FAIL, the second: having to wait hours at Luton airport coz they have shitty buses that don't run regularly. Grrr.
Tags: actor: jared padalecki, actor: terrance zdunich, event: asylum 3, event: the hub2, lj: mobile, movie: repo!

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