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{ Misha Collins reads "homoerotic fanfic and stuff like that" }

[What?! It's not like I said I wasn't going to talk about SPN/related stuffs from now until The Hub2! I'm a fangirl, damnit, what do you expect!?]

It's just started popping up on the comms, so I thought I'd share for those of you Supernatural fans on my flist who aren't part of the fandom:

[ Misha Collins Fan ] have posted the scans for issue #9 of the Supernatural Magazine, in which there is a rather delectable interview with Misha Collins! And in said interview, the following Q&A occured:

"Q: The fans went wild when Castiel first appeared. Have you any idea what's been going on with the viewers, or out on the internet? He's a very popular character!

MC: You know, I don't have a basis of comparison, really; a lot of people have forwarded me links to things. I've seen some of the homoerotic fanfic and stuff like that [laughs], which is funny - I had no idea stuff like that even existed."

...I'm just going to sit here in my happy place for a moment. Oh, Misha! For being one seriously well-rounded and worldly guy, he is so wonderfully clueless at times. It's the most adorable thing ever. XD

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