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Misha Collins @ NJ Creation Con

Am I right in thinking the New Jersey Creation Con is Misha's first? Because, correct me if I'm wrong, but that boy sure knows how to work a crowd! XD One has to wonder if Jensen and Jared sent a few tips his way (the most important of which being "fanservice"!) because not only is Misha devilishly goodlooking and terribly sweet, but some of his answers to questions just makes my tummy do funny little flips whilst I gush so hard over him (the comment about Sam, Dean and Castiel all living together, anyone?)

For those of you who'd like to bask in the awesomeness of Misha Collins at the con, check out [ these youtube videos ] I managed to source on, you guessed it, YouTube. Any spoilery remarks are warned for so if you're not into that kind of thing fear not- you won't inadvertly be spoiled.

That said, I am into spoilers, no matter how minor, so if anyone comments for a squee session here then I'ma warning in advance for spoilery comments ;D
Watching these vids has gotten me so psyched for the next episode! I cannot believe I won't be able to watch it till the week after it airs :O it'd be too much to bare but thankfully I'll have The Hub2 and my girlies to distract me over the weekend. EEEEEE. That and of course I'll be getting my own dose of Misha Collins up close and personal come May! EEEEEE. Flaily Caspe is flaily.
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