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SPNFanFic: Changes [Dean/Sam, Castiel]

[Changes | Dean/Sam, Castiel | R/18-Rated | 595words | comment_fic</lj> prompt: wings]

It all started with what Dean put down to a badly executed roll acquired whilst evading a particularly vicious dragon-like entity, which insisted on spewing forth copious amounts of an acidic bile-like substance that could eat through a man's skin in mere seconds.

With a roll of the shoulders and an almost silent hiss of discomfort, Dean eventually succeeded in removing his shirt and twisted to check out his back in the grubby motel-room mirror. The skin about his shoulder blades was inflamed, red and swollen looking and damn if it didn't hurt like hell when Dean reached round to press his fingers to one of the two swellings he could see.

He lay on his stomach that night, teeth biting sharply into his lips as Sammy insisted on rubbing an aloe-smelling balm over his shoulders. Instead of hurting though, the delicate kneading of Sammy's fingers seemed to sooth away the hurt. Dean moaned wantonly. Sammy took that as his cue.

Dean screamed that night, but not in pain.

It took almost a week before Dean started worrying about the swollen lumps upon his shoulder blades. It took even less time than that for Sammy to insist that the protrusions were damn well growing and for fucks sake wouldn't he phone Bobby already?!

In the end Dean never phoned Bobby. Aside from the awkwardness a lingering hurt causes, Dean liked to pretend that nothing whatsoever was wrong and that he was sure it would all just go away in its own time.

The look Castiel gave him the one time Sammy dared mention it to the angel gave Dean pause- the almost imperceptible widening of already wide eyes made Dean narrow his own gaze. When the angel asked to see them it was with extreme reluctance that Dean unbuttoned his shirt and let the angel pull it from his shoulders.

Sammy's eyes burned into his own as Castiel pressed his palms over the protrusions. Dean moaned softly at the contact and the subsequent sensation that radiated out over his skin; the pain momentarily dissipating at the angel's touch.

The angel left with a vague mention of speaking with his brothers. He did not meet either of their gazes as he disappeared into nothingness before their eyes. Dean swallowed back the flutter of fear that clenched at his heart. Sammy, in a bid to help alleviate the fear, offered to buy him pie.

Dean screamed that night, but not in pleasure. There was blood- god, so much blood- it erupted from the protrusions in a geyser-like spray of red, pouring out from Dean's arched back as he screamed himself raw with the pain. It only took minutes (though it felt like hours) before it was all over; Dean lying with panting exhaustion in his brother's lap whilst Sammy stared in wide-eyed terror at the two objects which had burst out from Dean's back. Just what, the fuck, was going on?

Two weeks, three days and a couple hours later saw Dean screaming again; much to his brother's delight as he ran inquisitive fingers through the soft blanket of feathers cocooning his body as he pounded into Dean from behind.

The wings- goddamed wings- quivered under the manipulation of his eager fingers and he felt a thrill of red-hot pleasure shoot through him as Dean whimpered beneath him, shoulders rolling and causing his wings to flutter and brush against the nakedness of Sammy's skin. They both came harder and faster than they ever had before.

Almost six months after it all began Castiel returned to claim him.


edt: Now with fanart!

[ Changes Fanart by ditchwaterrosie ]
Tags: [&]: [m/m]: dean/sam winchester, challenge: comment_fic, character: [spn]: castiel, character: [spn]: dean winchester, character: [spn]: sam winchester, fanfic: supernatural, fic: rating: r/18, fic: wordcount: 500-1000

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