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§ So, I totally just realised that today is my 5-year anniversary on LiveJournal. How awesome is that? And it falls on "Friday the 13th" too ;) which is awesome as, despite popular superstitions, it's actually always been a lucky kind of day for me. Not that anything superbly fantastic has happened to me today or anything, but at least nothing terribly horrid has happened either! heh. And the best bit? We get another F13 next month too, such is the beauty of a 28day month XD whoop.

Anyone have any views about F13? Good day? Bad day? You didn't even know there was a significance? heh.
btw, is anyone still watching Heroes? I think I've seen like the first one of S3 and I'm wondering if I should try getting back into the swing of things.

btw, the second, is anyone still into Harry Potter? I spent pretty much the whole of last night reading fic O_O... and it felt oddly good. I think I may have to start re-reading the novels and stuff again.
Tags: fandom: harry potter, fandom: heroes, lj: love

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