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Well that's a probably a good twenty-four hours plus I've just lost to coding what seems like a zillion stylesheets for the new "skin" over at my website. I think I've managed to iron out all the little kinks in coding, but I was wondering if some of you guys wouldn't mind toddling on over and clicking on buttons to make sure everything looks okay and stuff?

It's sort of "LJ" styled now, which I'm quite pleased about XD I still want to play around with the header- maybe have it change (fandoms) for every page?- and I need to figure out how to change the "categories" icons so that I have different icon showing instead of the same one for all points, but those are just little niggles, on a whole I'm rather chuffed with myself X) has everyone else spent their Sunday?
Also, it's inches deep with snow my end, again. I'm glad it wait for the weekend, means I don't have to struggle through the stuff trying to get to work! That said, I jokingly asked my boss what the chances of getting a "snow day" were and she told me she's sure the handbook states that one has to send a picture of a freshly-made snowman in order to claim one. So tomorrow? I'm building a snowman and sending her the picture on the offchance I'll get another day off XD haha, chance!
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