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tardis_bigbang : round 2 ?

Being the glutton for punishment that I am, I've all but signed up to do tardis_bigbang. The only thing preventing me from signing my life away replying to the post is that I want to have a definite idea as to what I'm writing before I confirm. I do not want to have to drop out so am thinking properly about things this time round.

Saying that, however, I'm still in a wibble as to what I want to write. This is where you come in my beloved flist, I have a couple options here for fics that I've been meaning to write for ages (and figure this challenge is as good a reason as any to get my arse in gear and write one) and thusly I'd be ever so grateful if ya'll would let me know which you'd prefer to have me write at least 20,000words for and whether or not any of you would be willing to beta/cheerlead me on for any of them. Pweeeese? ::wolfy eyes::

Option One: Dream Catch Me
Torchwood/Doctor Who; Jack Harkness/Ross Jenkins, Martha Jones; where Ross never died, but ended up in a UNIT hospital and is being treated for his injuries (blindness). Jack, whilst visiting Martha at said UNIT hospital, gets to know Ross.

Option Two: Eye of the Black Moon
Torchwood/Doctor Who; Ianto Jones, Eighth Doctor (Gen, possibly w/slash undertones); On his first trip through time and space with the Doctor, Ianto finds himself suddenly tied up in an unexpected mystery concerning lost planets, stolen artifacts and the sinister behind-the-scenes workings of a Victorian Guesthouse.

Option Three: Sycamore Leaves
Torchwood; Jack/Ianto, Team; whilst the team are out investigating some rift readings they end up (after some dramatics) having to stay overnight in a forest. Team bondings and roasted marshmallows are a definite possibility. Basically, I just love the idea of them all on another "camping" trip ;)

So... what say you?

Tags: challenge: tardis_bigbang, misc: a little help...?

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