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§ The Hub 2: Whoop! [ The parties have finally been announced for The Hub2 ]. Gawd, it took them long enough! I'm all set for my "Turn of the Centuary Torchwood" outfit (thankfully I already own alot of Victorian-esque clothing so there's like no effort required at all XD ...Georgie, something tells me you tagsed the dress already, y/n? O_O...) and am busy pondering ideas for the "Out of the Rain Carnival". I may go with a kind of creepy doll/Venitian look as I'm already sourcing a mask for another con and getting more than one use out of it would be good... what're the rest of ya'll wearing/doing for either party?

§ Asylum (3): I'm going to the [ Supernatural Convention Asylum ] this coming May and omgee I'm as giddy as fuck just thinking about the whole damn thing! I'M GOING TO MEET MISHA COLLINS (Castiel) AND JENSEN ACKLES (Dean) EEEEEE. omg. I still cannot believe I'm actually going to be there. It'll be my first SPN convention and I'm so excited about the whole thing, even though there's like four months still to wait. They've had their parties planned for ages already and I know I'm definitely dressing up for the "School of Rock" and "Heaven & Hell Masked Ball" because I have my costumes (at least planned) already. Just need my mask for the latter. OMGEE. ::flails hard::

§ tardis_bigbang: ...what do we think guys? I was all set for signing up and trying it out again this year, but then I remembered the fail I made of it all last time and am beginning to ponder my own sanity. If I go for it I've decided to write my "Torchwood go camping" idea as it's the only idea I've not plotted the hell out of and thus will probably be able to finish it without too much flailing! haha. Anyone else playing?
§ there was going to be a fourth point here except it just got me really friggen depressed so I deleted the whole ranting spiel. We'll just say that Real Life sucks and sometimes it feels like the whole world is out to get me, and leave it at that. I love you guys. <33
Tags: challenge: tardis_bigbang, event: asylum 3, event: the hub2

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