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Anyone else "Being Human" tonight?

So who else is watching Being Human at 9pm tonight? I was so tempted by the fact that Supernatural is airing with S4 at the same time, but have managed to overcome my almost overwhelming need to rewatch the first couple of episodes in favour of the Vampire, the Werewolf and the Ghost sharing a flat... ;)
edt: half an hour through and I'm feeling rather bored of it. Maybe should have watched Supernatural afterall. Ugh. Is anyone else annoyed by the other vampires? I definitly think I prefer the more "gothy" version they had in the promo. Ghost chick is less annoying than in the promo though. George is still awesome. And gets naked alot. Huh, how about that XD

edt 2: well that wasn't worth the hour I just wasted watching it. and the preview for next week doesn't exactly make me bounce in glee either. am I being too cynical? I mean it just felt very lacking. I can see they're trying to build up to something, but it's nothing that's really gripping me and making me think "omg must stay tuned" meh. still, in exciting news, I changed stations the second it finished and caught Castiel's big introduction on Supernatural- SQUEE! XD
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