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A (not-so) quick round up of things...

§ Firstly, I'd like to thank everyone who wished me Happy Birthday, belated or otherwise :) I'm feeling all loved that you guys thought of me even when I wasn't in the country! ::smishes:: Special thanks to lankyguy , misstitania  and _stolendreams_  for the v-gifts, to absdax for the awesome [ TW/SPN crossover fanart ] she made me :D nothing like a bit of Ianto Jones/Dean Winchester to make ones day, and also to jemzamia  for the unbelievably gorgeous [ Merlin/Arthur fanvid ] she made for me. (have I missed anyone out?) I heart all you guys so hard! Thank you!

§ Secondly, remember the "fic that killed me"? The one I was writing for thestopwatch Holiday Bang? Well, I'm sure those of you interested will have spotted my entry when the comm posted their reveal, but for those of you who haven't and are interested, my entry was-

The Road to Nowhere [Jack/Ianto, (Jack/real!Jack, Ianto/Lisa) | PG-13]

-and rolled in at around 21,656words. I impressed myself with that final word count, as I'm one of those authors who starts flailing when her fics start getting too large, and then I start questioning everything and wibbling over everything and end up not finishing/posting because I end up convincing myself that the whole thing sucks. Thankfully, for this fic, I had an awesome beta (keiko_kichi <33) who wouldn't let me doubt myself for even an instant, and an awesome flist who kept cheerleading me on. So, for those who have read, will read, and cheerleaded me on- thank you so much! :) I couldn't have done it without ya'll.

§ Thirdly, Writing Projects : 2oo8 - has been edited and updated, it now shows every fic I wrote in the year '08 and includes a total fic and word count for the year. It was one helluva fruitful year I have to admit, even if there was less variety fandom-wise (excluding Caspe-Wri-Mo, I'm fairly sure it'd only have been Torchwood and Merlin) and I hope to keep it up this year.

§ Thirdly (still, kinda), Writing Projects : 2oo9 - thusly, in regards to the above note, I've resorted my "WIP" section, taking out those fics I know I won't be inclined to write anytime soon and adding a couple I'd really like to complete before the year is out. My reel_merlin fic, (working title: Ever After) is my top priority atm as it's due towards the end of Feburary, but if anyone wants to toddle on over and prod me towards a certain title there, I'll endeavour to get those chosen finished "first" (aka, after Feb.)

§ Fourthly, Reading List : 2oo9 - I've started a "Reading List" to keep track of what and how many novels I read in a year. Nothing fancy, but I'll be indicating which ones I recommend and leaving a quick blurb as to my thoughts on those that I've read for anyone interested. Also, if anyone has any recommendations for books to read please drop me a comment there! I'm a big fan of Fantasy but I'll try pretty much anything!

§ I'm still in the process of unpacking so no holiday snaps yet ;) but I should have something up by the end of the week for those who care! I'm heading off for the night (residual jet-lag and the prospect of work tomorrow makes for a very sleepy Caspe), but as always, if there's anything you want to tell me just hollar :) I'm still catching up on the flist, but I know I'm not going to get through the whole months worth of entries! ILU ALL <33
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