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Caspe is back in town!

Hey guys!

Am back in sunny Scotland (and absolutely appalled to find that it's snowing!!!) now and missing the warmth and the freedom (and omg the beach boys!) already. I could quite easily have stayed there for months and months omg. But I did miss you all terribly! And I'm glad to be home with my kitty (who is joined to my hip now, bless her) and my internet and able to chat with ya'll again!

So what's been happening guys? Anything uber exciting I've missed? Anything not-so-exciting you want to tell me about anyway? I doubt I'ma going to be able to trawl through a months worth of flist entries, so the more you spam me with here the better :P

ILY ALL! And have missed you all very much. Next time ya'll come over with me, yeah? XD heh.

(I'll spam ya'll later with details and pictures of my trip and other stuff I wanted to post up asap!)

Tags: [!] hiatus, real life: south africa

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