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{ hearts her flist }

§ ASDFGHJ!! LOOK FLIST, LOOK!!! ::points in random direction and gets ridiculously excited::

§ Guys, I totally fail at Christmas and packing and all things requiring even a bit of forward planning and preperation. omg. I'm so sorry but it looks like no one will be getting their presents until after I get back from South Africa (around the 20th of January). I am so sorry about this, guys, but I really do fail. I have everybody's gifts in but no time to get packaging/pack them/get to a post office to send them before I leave. Also, Julie, yours isn't on its way like I thought it was as my mother conveniently forgot to send it off when I asked her too ::repeated headdesk:: So. yeah. Complete fail on my part. I hope ya'll have an awesome Christmas though! I know I shall ;) in the blistering sunshine and all. heh. And I will be sending ya'll "New Years" presents when I get back!

§ In further fail, I am trying to pack my bag for S.A. and yeah... it's not going so well. I'm usually okay at packing only the bare necessities, but for some reason I seem to be determined to overpack. Grr. ::unpacks suitcase for the umpteeth time and starts repacking:: How much can a suitcase full of clothes actually weigh anyway!? I mean, really! ...maybe I could just wear lots of layers? And hope they don't decide to strip search me on the way through customs. HMMMM.

§ TWILIGHT! How awesomely cracktastic was it guys? For serious. It was actually a better movie than I was expecting it to be, but at the same time, my friends and I took great delight in ripping the piss out of the whole thing XD A couple points of complete awesome to note: JACOB; just because. CARLISLE; is hotter in action than in pictures. JASPER omg has the best constipated face EVAH XD. BALLET ROOM; finally some action and arse whipping! ...I think I may be going to see it again tonight, just for the banter XD lmao

§ I'm not sure if I'll be around to make another post before I leave, so incase not, everyone have a KICKASS CHRISTMAS and an AWESOME NEW YEAR and remember that I LOVE YOU ALL SO HARD and that I will TOTALLY MISS YA'LL LEIK WOAH. <33
Tags: movie: twilight, real life, real life: feastive season, real life: south africa

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