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§ re thestopwatch fic: HA! ::points and laughs at it:: Additional wordcount this evening? ZILCH. omgee. Then again, considering I've only just had a chance to sit down and open the word document, I think I can be forgiven. A little. Bets on how much I manage before heading to bed in around an hours time?
§ So, reel_merlin? I did not just sign myself up for it. No. I did not. Honest. No really, I promise I... oh balls. Um... Merlin AU for [ Ever After ] anyone? Also, this is ALL keiko_kichi 's fault. I blame her entirely for it. Even if I'd sort of planned the whole thing out before she even mentioned signing up. Still. KEKI IS THE DEVIL. ilubaby.
Tags: challenge: reel_merlin, challenge: thestopwatch, fandom: merlin, on writing: the fic that killed me

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