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§ re thestopwatch fic: 15,000words and still going. That histeric laughter you can hear in the distance? Yeah, ignore it, it's just me going slowly insane as the epic fic of epicness EATS MY BRAIN omgee. I've been assured thus far by my utterly awesome cheerleading beta Keki that it doesn't at all suck, which is something at least. Atm I'm working on the scene that actually inspired the whole idea for the story XD I'm so excited over it, it's kind of ridiculous really. Still. I have Irn Bru! I have determination! And I have an extension! (kind of. I emailed them anyway. that kind of counts?). I am totally set to beat this fic into submission and an ending to boot. FTW.
§ btw, The huge-ass crate of Irn Bru I bought in order to help me through the writing process came with free the Irn Bru Snowman wrapping paper XD omg, how goofily am I smiling right now! And yes, some of you guys will be getting your gifts wrapped in it! heh.

§ also, Made stirfry for dinner. The soy sauce I used tastes like Marmite. Mmmmmm.... marmite. X)

§ and lastly, Merlin is confirmed for series two! THANK GOD. After the DRAMA this Saturday's episode is going to cause, we really did need to hear our beloved show is coming back (that gives us hope, right? That it doesn't end THAT badly, right? because omg I will actually cry. And stuff. O_O eep.)

::goes back to writing::
Tags: [♥] irn bru, [♥] marmite, challenge: thestopwatch, fandom: merlin, on writing: the fic that killed me

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