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{ there's a bad moon on the rise }

re. thestopwatch fic:

Ugh. I've managed maybe 700words in the last 2hours. And I've run out of Irn-Bru. This is not good.

Epic fic is epically killing me. omg.

edt. crested the 11,000word mark. this alone is enough to make me flail. I still have maybe three "parts" and a huge-ass "chapter" to complete in, oh, half an hour? ::snorts:: yeah, that's not realistically going to happen. I fail at self-imposed deadlines too apparently. however, determined Caspe is determined, this fic WILL be completed, damnit. if I have to work my fingers to bleeding stumps to do it, I will, it shall be done! </end drama.
Tags: challenge: thestopwatch, on writing: the fic that killed me

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