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In need of a beta...

So I completely forgot that my thestopwatch Holiday Bang fic was due in for Friday there, but have thankfully managed to beg an extension until Tuesday (tomorrow). Thusly, I've spent all afternoon today ploughing through my entry, which is turning into quite the epic actually but is still nowhere near being completed anytime soon. Oh dear. I'm also getting ridiculously nervous the more I write because this story feels very different from my usual pieces. I'm not sure what it is that makes it different, but it is, and I'd really love for a volunteer or two to read over (and beta) what I have so far, just so I know that everything is reading okay and that it doesn't suck too hard in all the wrong ways.

Details thus far:
Title: (working title) What Goes Around.
Rating: (atm) PG/13.
Pairing: Jack/Ianto, though there will be small mentions of others.
Word Count: (atm) 5000words approx, though I expect that to be doubled by the time I'm finished. ::wibble::

I'll be sending you what I have now, you'll probably get another email with what I've added between now and when I stop for the evening, and likely another email with the (hopefully) completed story at some point tomorrow evening.

Any takers? Pretty please guys? ::wolfy eyes::

Tags: challenge: thestopwatch, on writing: beta request

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