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{ and I can send you back }

So I may have become slightly obsessed with "Castiel". And by slightly, I of course mean that in the sense that I've changed my layout (again! but it's lusher now, right?), uploaded a shit-load of Castiel-centric icons, scoured most of LJ for fic and pics and stuff and just found out that the actor, Misha Collins, is coming to the UK in May for Asylum 3 (lj). And I reallyreally want to go. Like ridiculously so. Just for him. ...anyone want to come? XD 'coz you know, I totally need someone to hold my hand at these things!
((yes, I know, still no Christmas card post. but you know me, I'm an everything till the last minute kind of girl. or perhaps just a really easily distracted one. meh. but one will be up. soon. when is the last posting date btw? ::frowny face:: ))
Tags: [§] sex on legs, actor: misha collins, event: asylum 3, fandom: supernatural

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