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And thus ends Caspe-Wri-Mo...

Hello, flist! Look, no fic postage tonight! Isn't that exciting? It certainly is for me ;) I cannot tell you how relieved I am that November is over and done with. Not that I didn't enjoy my self imposed challenge at times (namely at the beginning of the month) but just knowing that I don't have to think of/write down/post up something before midnight every night is... well it's bloody brilliant XD to be honest. I'm sure most of you could tell I was beginning to wilt a bit in regards to Caspe-Wri-Mo, and though I always endeavoured to post fic to a certain standard, the more reluctant I got at the thought of writing, the lower my word count seemed to get. But overall, I'm really quite pleased with what I've achived. I completed my challenge, proving that I am not always a lazy arse of a writer and that under the right sort of prompting, I can infact complete something like this.

The Masterlist for Caspe-Wri-Mo is as follows:

Doctor Who
§ Born to Walk Alone [Gen. Tenth | U-Rated | 200words]

House MD
§ and the damage done [Gen. House | U-Rated | 100words]
§ And Nothing Else Matters [House/Chase | U-Rated | 386words]

§ Good things come to those who wait [Arthur/Merlin | U-Rated | 540words | Coda CIN 08]
Untitled [Gen. Arthur, Merlin (Merlin/Gwen) | U-Rated | 310words | Coda: 1.03]
§ We played on horses made of sticks [Arthur/Merlin | U-Rated | 394words | Coda 1.10]
Over Troubles Waters [Gen. Arthur, Morgana, (Merlin) | U-Rated | 766words |Coda 1.10]

A Sorta Fairytale (part 1) [Dean/Sam | R/18-Rated | Coda 2.20]
§ Gone in the Morning [John/Dean, (Sam) | R/18-Rated | 393words]

Midnight Show (part 1 | part 2 | part 3) [Jack/Ianto/Andy | R/18 | 3000words total]
§ Rootless Tree [Gen. Ianto, Lisa | PG-13 | 1099words]
§ (I just) died in your arms tonight [Gen. Ianto, Owen | PG-Rated | 500words]
Hand That Feeds [Pre-Het. Gwen, Ianto | PG-Rated | 259words]
§ Not-So Perfect (part 1 | part 2 | part 3) [Jack/Female!Ianto | PG-Rated | 1730words total]
§ Romancing the Storm [Gen. Ianto, Eight | U-Rated | 1000words]
§ Wind in the Wires [Gen. Ianto, Eight (Ianto/Lisa) | U-Rated | 2000words]
With Friends Like These [Eleven/Jack/Ianto | PG-13 | 700words]
§ Don't Turn Around [Jack/Ianto, (Jack/Gwen, Gwen/Rhys) | U-Rated | 350words | Coda: 2.04]
Three minutes and forty-two seconds [Ianto/Owen | PG-13 | 333words]
Talking in your sleep [Jack/real!Jack | U-Rated | 160words]
§ Your hands are cold [Jack/Ianto | U-Rated | Coda “Plant Life” | 400words]
In Shadows of Resentment [Unspecified Characters | PG-13 | 200words]
Pretty Vacant [Jack/Ianto | R/18-Rated | 636words | Coda 1.06]
Pillow Talk [Jack/Ianto | U-Rated | 200words]
Time For Change [Gen. Jack, Ianto, (team) | U-Rated | 500words | Coda: 1.04]
Eye of the Black Moon (part 1) [Gen. Ianto/Eight, (Ianto/Lisa) | U-Rated | 1400words]

Fics Posted: 30
Fandoms Written: 5
Total Word Count: 17,800approx.
Fics marked with "§" are those I'm particularly proud of as a writer. 

I was going to talk about each piece and how/why I decided to write it the way I did, but I wasn't sure how many people would actually be interested in that sort of thing? If you are, just comment with the titles and your questions and I'll answer them as honestly as I can :)

I am very pleased with myself. I know I haven't broken any records, but it was hard at times getting up the energy to write fic when all I wanted to do was curl up in bed and go to sleep. Especially that last week where I averaged around 52hours at work and only the knowledge I was so-so close to the end kept me going. That and all you guys who were reading and reviewing and cheering me on over msn and the likes- especially those of you who listened to me moan about the whole thing and then poked me with sticks to shut me up and get me writing again XD so, thank you everyone! <33

Now, I have less than a week to write my thestopwatch entry, less than a month to finish my NVQ3 that was meant to have been completed last week (oops?), and a christmas card post to put up asap (but not tonight) since it was meant to be done at the weekend there. And probably a bazillion and one other things I'm forgetting, but don't care about because, for the rest of tonight at least, I am doing nothing more taxing than coding for the T3 Newsletter, reading copious amounts of Dean/Castiel fanfic, and OMG going to bed at a semi-reasonable time. ::happy face::

<33 more love to ya'll!
Tags: challenge: caspe-wri-mo, on writing: after thoughts

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