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{ predictable much, moi? }

You know you're getting predictable when your sister asks you to borrow money from your "secret stash" and you tell her to go and wait outside your room whilst you get it and she just rolls her eyes, snorts and says "I bet you it's in a book". Which it is. Not that I'm going to tell her that. Or that she'd find it amongst my twenty-million books. BUT STILL. So besides the point. I need a new secret stash hiding place now. omghee!!! ::flails::
In other news. Is it just me or does Castiel ::points at icon:: get hotter everytime you see him? Why yes, I am a pervy angel lover. You should be too if you're watching Supernatural! ::licks him::

In other, other, news. HAI GUYS. omg I miss you all so hard. I know I've been posting everyday, but they don't really count in the whole "lets chat and be merry" scheme of things. WOE. Also, I've not been reading the flist as much as I should- so am all behind on your lives (what's been happening!?) I have seen those xmas card posts going up. I *will* get one of those up come the weekend. And I shall endeavour to be organised this year and, you know, get them sent out before I leave/Christmas happens XD but a few sharp prods wouldn't go amiss just incase.


Tags: [♥] flist love, character: [spn]: castiel, fandom: [!]: musings, fandom: supernatural, real life: random

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