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I hate that LJ randomly decided to eat half of my post after I'd actually hit the post button. ASFGJH!!! You'd think the design team could fiddle around with these sorts of bugs instead of cocking up things that work, like- oh I don't know- the profile page?

Hurrumph. So anyway, I was going to talk about how I've recently re-coded my layout and would like to know what ya'll think about it?

It started the other day with alba17 asking me about my layout and whether or not graphics could be put into the sidebar- something that's never bugged me before, but the more I thought about it, the more I convinced myself that I'd really like to have graphics in the sidebar. So (quite a few) hours later and lots of fiddling with CSS codes and stylesheets later and voila I have a shiny new layout (ish.) It's basically got two-sidebars now and I can put graphics into them. YAY.

What say you about it, flist?

Also, I hadn't realised just how late it was getting. It's almost 11.30pm and I haven't even thought about writing anything for Caspe-Wi-Mo. FAIL. So...

First person to comment with a fandom (&pairing) and a prompt, gets a drabble written for them! Be quick people, I've only a half-hour left!!
(Alba, if you want to know about the edits I used, just hollar and I'll let you know what codes I used!)
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