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nov 15: MerlinFic: doth protest too much. [Gen. Merlin, Arthur] & a quick ramble...

So I had a new phone for all of five minutes before that one decided that, no it didn't actually want to work either and promptly turned itself off. Thank you very much, phone. As a result I am once again without a phone and getting really quite pissed off about the whole thing- is it possible for a sim-card to be infected/carry a virus? I have to wait till Sunday evening before I can see about getting something sorted because my cousin (who is dealing with all this drama) was at Murryfield today watching the South Africa v Scotland match today (omg won by the skin of our teeth!) and won't be in any fit state to help me till then at the earliest.

Le sigh.

To cheer myself up however I'm off out to the pictures this evening to go and see "Easy Virtue". It's a comedy set in something like the 1920's and it really looks like it'll be the biggest laugh ever. Plus Prince Caspian Ben Barnes is in it. Shallow Caspe is shallow, and will likely enjoy it just for that fact alone.

And on the off chance that I won't be back in time to write fic before midnight tonight, I've decided to provide ya'll with a drabble (because I totally refuse to fail at Caspe-Wri-Mo!)

.doth protest too much; Gen. Merlin, Arthur, (Merlin/Gwen); U-Rated; 310words: Coda: 1.03:


“So… you and Gwen, huh?” Arthur asked as Merlin stepped into his chambers.


“No!” Merlin exclaimed immediately, his brow furrowing at the words. “There is no me and Gwen, why does everyone think I'm in love with her?” He huffed indignantly and folded his arms across his chest.


“Um… maybe your profession of undying love in court was a bit of a clue?” Arthur raised his eyebrows as if were the most obvious explanation in the world.


“I was trying to take the blame,” Merlin protested, adding, “for a friend,” when Arthur looked as though he were struggling not to laugh.


“That's… pretty much the same thing.” Arthur replied slowly, fighting back the smile trying to tug at his lips.


“I'm not in love with Gwen.” Merlin said, his expression one of complete seriousness.


“Then what? You're a wizard?” Arthur asked sardonically and Merlin allowed himself to smile a little.


“Well, if I was I'd hardly admit it now, now would I?”


“That's not funny.” Arthur said, eyeing him.


“Sorry, sire,” Merlin grinned, ducking his head as if to hide the look from Arthur even as he peered up through his bangs to gauge his reaction.


“Yes well, enough of that,” Arthur waved his hand dismissively though he watched Merlin a moment longer before turning, “I’ve some armour that needs polishing and my boots need cleaning, and there’s some washing I’ve been meaning to get done-,” and just when Merlin was beginning to relax, “-and once you’ve done that, Morgana has requested your presence in her chambers.”


Merlin blinked, looking upwards to find Arthur grinning a little sadistically towards him.


“She mentioned something about a secret shared between the two of you?”


Merlin flushed. Arthur’s grin widened.


“I am not in love with Gwen.” Merlin felt the need to say. Arthur’s smile said he didn’t believe a word of it.

[ end. ]
[ written as part of Caspe-Wri-Mo
Tags: challenge: caspe-wri-mo, character: [merlin]: arthur pendragon, character: [merlin]: merlin, fanfic: merlin, fanfic: merlin: coda 1.03, ramble(s)

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