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nov13: twfanfic: Jack Harkness proves he can brew (surprisingly good) coffee... [Jack/Fem!Ianto]

Jack Harkness proves he can brew (suprisingly good) coffee,
when he wants to
part 1, part 2, part 3;
Jack Harkness/Fem!Ianto Jones;
PG-Rated; Coda “Almost Perfect”; 1090words;
for mrs_cj_harkness and erin_giles both for embracing
and spreading the "Almost Perfect" love! FTW!

Ianto padded bare-footed into the kitchen just as Jack finished making two cups of coffee (one black with two sugars, one only with milk). Despite popular opinion, he could actually make a decent brew when he wanted to. He just didn’t want to very often because Ianto’s coffee was- and always would be- infinitely better than any attempt he made.

“Thanks,” Ianto said softly, his voice lilting on the word as he took the mug gratefully from Jack’s hand before leaning himself up against the counter. He was dressed in only a worn dressing gown, with his hair hanging shower-dampened about his face as he sipped keenly at his drink; eyes firmly focussing on anything that wasn’t Jack.

“Feel better?” Jack hedged, watching Ianto with barely disguised worry. Though he’d managed to talk Ianto into getting up and taking a shower with the intention of getting themselves ready to head into work where they’d then set about sorting out some kind of a solution, he knew that Ianto didn’t really believe him when he’d said they’d find a cure.

Ianto made a noncommittal sound and took another sip of his coffee. Jack sighed inwardly but said nothing as lifted his own cup. He didn’t know if it was just a depression on Ianto’s part or just his ability to read into a situation (and Jack) that made him so despondent over the whole thing. It was all Jack could do to convince himself there would be a way to make it all right again, never mind trying to put on a brave face for Ianto. And he didn’t half worry that Ianto could see right through him for it.

He watched as Ianto drank more of his coffee. Jack took a sip from his own mug in response. Neither of them spoke. They continued on in this way for a half-hour longer before the ringing of Ianto’s doorbell proved a welcome distraction from Ianto’s brooding and Jack’s silent worrying.

“I’ll get it,” Jack was quick to call, already half-way towards the door before the bell had ceased in its ringing. Ianto sighed inaudibly, saying nothing as he turned instead to look out the small kitchen window; it looked as though it was actually gearing up to be quite a nice day out, he noted without much enthusiasm either way. With half an ear he listened to Jack as he spoke in a low voice to whoever it was at the door.

He finished his coffee and stepped towards the sink. He rinsed out his cup and set it to dry upon the drying board. He then turned back to the window and proceeded to stare unseeing out of it till the sound of footsteps from behind alerted him to Jack’s presence.

“Ianto?” Jack called his name. Ianto inclined his head just slightly to show that he’d heard but was making no move to turn. Jack stepped up behind him, his arms slipping easily about Ianto’s slim waist and moulding himself to Ianto’s back. At first, Ianto tensed in his arms, but with a shaky sigh he relaxed, leaning back and lifting his hands to touch at the pair Jack had folded across his belly.

“Who was at the door?” He finally asked, resting his head back against Jack’s shoulder.

“It was Gwen,” Jack answered, dropping his head to lean against Ianto’s damp hair. Ianto frowned a moment before twisting slightly, shifting till he was able to look up and meet Jack’s eyes.

“Gwen? What did she want?”

Jack smiled without humour, “Apparently she was to help you get rid of all your clothes today.”

“Oh.” Ianto said, his curiosity fading away to an eerie sort of emptiness. Jack pinched lightly at his waist, causing Ianto to squirm and all but glare at him.

“Don’t,” was all Jack said and Ianto’s lips pursed a moment before he twisted round to properly face Jack. “I mean it, Ianto, I won’t see you do this to yourself. You’re stronger than this and we both know it.”

“So much faith,” Ianto smiled, but like Jack’s smile before the gesture held no trace of amusement.

“Ianto, please,” Jack lifted a hand to touch at Ianto’s face, his fingers tracing easily over his flawless complexion in a comforting stroke. “We will get this fixed.”

Ianto laughed then, the sound bitter to Jack’s ears. “How can you promise me that, Jack? How can you tell me that it will get fixed when I know- I know- you don’t believe it will? I don’t even believe it will. Not without that device, which we’ve no hope of ever finding now. It’s hopeless, Jack. There’s… there’s just nothing.”

“Ianto,” he began but stopped, leaning in to press his forehead against Ianto’s and Ianto smiled more genuinely (if a little more sadly too) at the gesture. They both knew the truth of his situation. The only question was where they would go from here.

“There’s not nothing,” Jack said softly after a moment. “There is always hope. I… I want to believe there’s a way to fix this, to give you back the body you want but… Ianto, you must know, whether you’re a man or a woman I will still love you. It only matters that you’re still the same person inside.”

Ianto dropped his eyes, “you know I don’t like that word.” He said, ignoring all else. Jack sighed but didn’t press him.

“Will you at least believe me when I say I’m not going anywhere?” Ianto met his eyes again, “I’ll help you through this, Ianto, every step of the way. I’m not leaving you to face this alone.”

Ianto watched him for a short time before nodding his head firmly and offering a hesitant sort of smile. “I should go and get ready for work,” he suggested instead of answering and Jack held him a moment longer, his eyes searching, before allowing Ianto to step out of his arms.

“Oh and Ianto?” Jack called just as Ianto reached the doorway. Ianto turned, raising an eyebrow as a slow smile spread out across Jack’s face, “how about putting on that little black number you’ve got stashed away? Just for me?”

It took a few seconds but eventually Ianto allowed himself to smile a little more sincerely, relaxing at Jack’s attempt to bring things back to a normal sort of balance between them.

“Make me another cup of coffee and we’ll see,” Ianto muttered, his lips twitching back another smile as he turned and headed towards his bedroom.

 [ end. ]
[ written as part of Caspe-Wri-Mo

Tags: [&]: [m/m]: jack harkness/ianto jones, challenge: caspe-wri-mo, fanfic: torchwood, fanfic: tw: coda: almost perfect, fic: series: not-so perfect

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