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Nov 06: TWFic: Midnight Show; pt3 [Jack/Ianto/Andy]

by mizzclara
Midnight Show,
part one; part twopart three
Jack/Ianto/PC Andy; R-18/Rated; 1500words; 
For dancy_dreamer for being made of all kinds of sexy awesomeness.


[Part 3 - in which Andy puts on quite the show ]

Weevil Hunting wasn’t going quite as Andy Davidson had expected it to. Even as a euphemism for something else- namely sex- Andy wasn’t quite prepared for just how adventurous things between Jack and Ianto could get.

Though he’d admitted to dogging the pair of them for quite a few months now (and confessed that he’d never seen a pair of lovers quite as flexible when it came to the back seat of a car as they were) he wasn’t able to answer the question of ‘why now?’. Why, on tonight of all nights, had he decided to approach the Torchwood SUV and chap upon its windows, calling attention to both himself and compromising his intentions to keep on watching Jack and Ianto as they got down and dirty in the back of their car? Well he certainly didn’t know.

And so, when questioned directly, Andy felt himself suddenly loosing his grasp on the situation, his implied authority slipping as swiftly as sand through his fingers as he’d blurted out something along the lines of them being really damn hot to watch. It was an admission he’d have been mortified at making any other time if not for the fact that he’d barely spoken the words before he found himself being manhandled over the hood of the SUV and his clothes stripped from his body without prelude a mere heart-beat later.

Already half-hard, he’d not even a moment to play at protesting before Ianto was bending between his spread legs and sucking the full length of his cock between already kiss-swollen lips; the very gesture pulling a surprised cry of pleasure from him as the chill of the night was just as quickly replaced by the warm wetness of Ianto’s mouth.

“Oh my god,” Andy panted, his head spinning at the sight of Ianto bent between his legs, his mouth working expertly over his length, moving up and down and up and- oh! oh! oh, god!- his tongue was doing positively illegal things to the very tip of hic cock before he was being swallowed whole once more.

Hands took sudden hold of his wrists, tugging them up above his head and Andy arched his head backwards, seeing that Jack had slinked his way around the SUV. The Captain grinned down at him and Andy felt himself flushing more deeply at the hungry look on the other man’s face.

“How many times,” Jack began in a conversational sort of purr, “have you imagined yourself in just this position? Hmm?” He leant down to nuzzle at Andy’s neck, his mouth leaving a trail of wet, open-mouthed kisses in its wake as he moved up towards Andy’s ear.

“How many times, have you fantasized about having both of us at your mercy-,” Jack nipped at his earlobe, “-only now to find yourself entirely at ours?”

Andy moaned, both at the feel of Jack’s husky breathing against his ear and at the hand Ianto was using to slowly massage its way up his inner thigh, reaching higher and higher and Andy was never more certain that he’d be seeing stars before the night was through than he was right now.

“I think he’s enjoying himself,” Ianto grinned at Jack, pulling his mouth away from Andy’s cock for a moment to speak and causing Andy to groan softly at the sudden loss.

“Hmm, a bit too much, perhaps?” Ianto questioned, reaching up the length of Andy’s body. A sharp pinch at one of his nipples had Andy hissing and arching his body, a shiver rushing through him as Jack reached over to rub at the small hurt; his eyes on Ianto, a grin on his face that was gone a moment later as he looked down at Andy’s flushed face.

“I believe I was talking to you, Andy,” he said softly, his eyes lust darkened and Andy shivered again.

He opened his mouth to answer but Jack shushed him with a finger to the lips and Andy swallowed heavily before moaning throatily as Ianto’s hand found its way between his legs- nimble fingers rubbing at his balls before slipping between the cheeks of his arse to tease at his entrance.

“Play nice, Jack,” Ianto teased, rubbing his middle finger back and forth over Andy’s entrance. Jack made a growling sound and Andy blinked slowly, allowing Jack to come back into focus in time enough to watch as he manoeuvred his way onto the hood of the car; knees spreading either side of his head, his cock and balls hovering over his face, and above that, Jack grinned wickedly down at him.

“Like what you see?”

“Oh god,” Andy’s panting breaths were loud, and coupled with the wet sounds of Ianto putting his mouth back to tormenting his cock and the sight of Jack’s own cock hanging above him, Andy was pretty damn sure he wasn’t going to last much longer. Not when the pair of them were doing everything in their collective power to get him off. Jack reached down his own naked body to grasp at his cock and Andy made a sound very close to a whimper.

“I was asking,” Jack began, his voice vying against his actions for Andy’s attention, “-before your sex-addled brain chose so rudely to ignore me,-” He shifted a little and Andy felt the first touches of his fabled coat touch at the side of his face; Jack laughed, eyes sparkling, “whether you’d wondered why I always keep my coat on?”

Andy’s eyes widened, his mouth opening to answer but instead of words he let loose a long string of moaning expletives as Ianto purposefully grazed the length of his cock with his teeth; Jack laughed deeply, hunching himself over Andy till his cock was positioned directly over his face; Jack’s fingers stroking at it with a sureness that curled Andy’s toes and made his mouth water with the desire to have it slide in between his lips.

“Oh yes,” Jack moaned softly, “I’ll tell you a secret, Andy,” he breathed and Andy wet his lips, his hips arching as Ianto skilfully applied his teeth to the very tip of his cock, his tongue laving at any hurt and causing his stomach to spasm as he very surely reached the end of his tether.

“I wear the coat because Ianto loves it-,” he said, and on cue Ianto moaned- deep and throaty and the sound of which vibrated throughout Andy’s entire body, eliciting another in a long line of wanton moans from his lips, “-he cannot resist the feel of the fabric as it rubs up against his thighs, his balls, his cock-,” a string of pre-come began to slip from the tip of Jack’s cock and without prompting Andy felt his lips parting; Jack grinned- no.

“-and when he feels the coat against his body he comes so goddamned hard, Andy, so hard he cannot move, and you know what I do then, Andy?” Andy whimpered, shaking his head and jerking his hips, his body felt aflame, his belly tightening in warning and his mouth salivating as he waited for Jack to allow him a taste- just one taste- and he was going to… he was going to…

“-I put it anywhere I like.” Andy cried out his orgasm. His shout of pleasure echoed by Ianto who pulled away at the last second- one hand grasping at the base of Andy’s cock whilst the other pumped his own erection with a franticness that would have made his head spin if it wasn’t already doing so.

Peeling his eyes slowly open moments later at the feel of Jack’s coat against his skin, Andy saw that Jack was all but kneeling over him, leaning towards Ianto who was arching up towards him- their mouths joining together in a wet and greedy kiss, tongue on open display as they danced between one another. Andy swallowed back the urge to moan, shivering instead as he began to feel the night air against his flushed skin.

And then he noticed Jack’s cock, heavy and untouched and well, as a police constable it was surely his job to ensure that all problems originating under his watch should surely be dealt with. By him. In the most efficient way possible. By him. Definitely by him.

It was worth it to hear Jack’s surprised cry as he grasped hold of his balls, squeezing just on the pleasure side of painful as he twisted his upper body and finally took the man’s leaking cock between his lips. He moaned heavily at the velvety feel of it sliding over his tongue. Above him, Jack cursed, his mouth falling away from Ianto’s as he hurried to brace himself over Andy who simply grinned around his mouthful before swallowing Jack back as far as his gag-reflex would allow.

“Well, you’ve got to give it to him, Jack,” Ianto began, amusement lacing his words as watched Jack’s face twist with pleasure, “he sure knows how to put on a show.”

[ end. ]
[ written as part of Caspe-Wri-Mo ]

Tags: [&]: [m/m]: jack/ianto/andy, challenge: caspe-wri-mo, fanfic: torchwood, fic: series: midnight show

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