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Eve Myles Announced for The Hub 2

...who's excited? 'mon guys, tell me you're all flailing over the place like yours truly is! I cannot wait to meet her again. She was so amazingly awesome at The Rift event back in April and I just know she's going to be even better at The Hub 2. And if we get the Barrowman back you just know there is going to be horse-play the whole weekend! omg WANT!! XD

also guys, on an unrelated note- I need prompts! It's all very well and good throwing all those sexy pairings at me ::wriggles in glee:: but I need to come up with some form of *plot* before I let them get down and dirty. SO PROMPT ME, YS? ilu long time.
Tags: actor: eve myles, event: the hub2, mood: squee!

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