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nov 5: TWFanFic: Hand That Feeds [pre Gwen/Ianto]

So I'm about 500words into the third (and possibly final) part of Midnight Show when my mother decided to inform me that we're actually going down to my cousins' house for bonfire night. And that I have about half an hour to get ready before we leave. Cheers guys. So, Midnight Show had to be abandoned for this evening, but in order to keep my Caspe-Wri-Mo pledge I've decided to begift ya'll with this really rough drabble type thing. I know it's rubbish and I don't expect anyone to really read it, but I'm just in and there's only like 10minutes to go till midnight and I cannot fail on day5 of this thing!

Hand That Feeds;
Ianto Jones/Gwen Cooper
PG; Pre-Het; d/s; 259words; 

There are some things you’d never suspect you never knew about your workmates. Some of these things you didn’t particularly want to know about. Other times some of these other things caught you by surprise and made you wonder why you hadn’t caught onto the knowledge of it far sooner than you actually did. The knowledge that one, Ianto Jones, was a fully fledged submissive, mourning the loss of yet another master, just so happened to be one of those things that whilst you didn’t know to begin with, suddenly started making a whole lot of sense to you now that you did. It had all come out one night when it had just been the two of them at the hub. Ianto hadn’t been sleeping. Or eating. Or really taking any sort of care of himself at all. It had been easy, almost too easy, to get him to talk, instinctively knowing that the mothering approach was never going to work, Gwen had set about simply telling him what to do, when to eat and sleep and talk. And Ianto had done. He ate. He slept. He talked; telling how Lisa had been his Mistress before Jack his Master, having taken up the mantle once Lisa was gone, pledging to keep him whole and close and safe, only to disappear a heartbeat later, leaving him lost and afraid now without anyone around to look after him. Gwen ran soothing fingers through Ianto's hair, feeling the wetness of his tears through the fabric of her trousers and she smiled.

[ end. ]
[ written as part of Caspe-Wri-Mo ]
Tags: [&]: [m/f]: ianto jones/gwen cooper, challenge: caspe-wri-mo, fanfic: torchwood

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