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Nov 01: TWFic: Midnight Show; pt1 [Jack/Ianto/Andy]

by mizzclara
Midnight Show,
 part one; part two; part three;
Jack/Ianto/PC Andy; R-18/Rated; 500words; 
For dancy_dreamer for being made of all kinds of sexy awesomeness.

[Part 1 – in which dogging may not be quite as illegal as one thinks it is]

Weevil Hunting; a term encompassing a variety of meanings depending upon the persons using and employing it.

For Jack and Ianto it was a euphemism for sex, usually in some darkened alleyway outside a nightclub in full swing, where the thrumming of the music could be felt through the bricks beneath Jack's naked arse and the grunting groans of other pseudo-anonymous couples filled the air around them, mixing with their own half-choked moans till climax claimed them and they collapsed against each other with heavy pants; the night air cooling their sweat-slicked bodies.

Other times, when the Cardiff weather was feeling particularly sadistic and throwing buckets of icy would-be-rain down upon the city, Jack and Ianto would take refuge in the SUV, bemoaning the obvious lack of consideration and the inevitable bruises that misplaced elbows and knees were sure to cause as they manoeuvred themselves into the backseat and proceeded to get down and dirty with the three-fingered salute and invoking of every god known to man (and quite a few not, thanks mostly to Jack).

Unfortunately, Weevil Hunting as a euphemism for sex didn't happen nearly as often as Jack and Ianto would have liked and certainly not as much as Gwen seemed to think it did either. So it came as no big surprise when one relatively chilly evening out “Weevil Hunting” (as in the euphemism, not the hunting of Weevils), Jack and Ianto found themselves interrupted as they were half-way through the removal of clothes and the repositioning of the SUV’s back seats.

Strangely enough, the interruption was not due to another peeping-Weevil with its face pressed up against the windows of the SUV, but a rather unimpressed- and vaguely familiar- looking Police Officer.

"Can we help you, officer?" Jack asked with faux innocence as he rolled down the window. Beneath him, Ianto groaned in embarrassment and pressed a hand over his eyes.

"I'm going to have to ask that you both step out of the car," the policeman answered.

"Um well, you see officer, now's not really the best time…"

"Now seems like the perfect time, Captain Harkness. And I'm afraid that if you don't comply I'll be forced to call this matter in."

Jack’s eyes narrowed slightly and he shifted forward, trying to get a better look at the man standing just outside the SUV. Beneath him, Ianto groaned, the friction forcing the sound from kiss-bitten lips and Jack grinned down at him, watching as a flush of colour stained the other man’s cheeks a dark red.

“Sirs, I really must insist…” The sparkle of blue eyes from beneath the policeman’s cap he wore gave him away as Jack’s head snapped suddenly up, his mouth falling into an ‘O’ of sudden recognition.

“Andy Davidson!?” He exclaimed, watching as a slow grin broke out across the policeman’s face.

“The one and only,” Andy agreed. From somewhere beneath Jack another groan sounded, but this one had nothing to do with any shifting of weight on Jack’s part.

onwards to part two ]
[ written as part of Caspe-Wri-Mo ]

Tags: [&]: [m/m]: jack/ianto/andy, challenge: caspe-wri-mo, fanfic: torchwood, fic: series: midnight show

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