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So, I'm like pretty sure I've been on the [ planet gallifrey blog ] before but I recently stumbled upon it again this evening and there seems to be so much more info added in regards to Torchwood Series Three! Which omg guys why haven't you told me all this yet!? is very exciting and as I was reading my way through it I came across mentions of this scene here...

The team run as fast as they can to the Hub door, Ianto goes straight inside
Jack: Gwen, I'll get on to the Home Office. This things gone public they're gonna need us
Gwen runs inside and Rupesh tries to follow but Jack pushes him back
Jack: Woah woah woah, big fella. Where do you think you're going?
Rupesh: I don't know, I... I could help
Jack: Doing what?
Gwen comes back
Gwen: Your beepers going
Rupesh: Shit... yeah sorry
Jack: The whole city's gone to a halt, they're gonna need you in A&E
He then goes inside and Gwen starts to follow
Gwen: Good luck
Rupesh: Whats in there?
Gwen: A big science-fiction superbase.... Honestly! See ya!
She goes inside and and leaves Rupesh looking rejected.

...and I promptly started flailing about like a mad woman and crying "OMG IT'S LIKE IANTO ALL OVER AGAIN!" XD omg my Rupesh love is growing at ridiculous rates. Also, on this note, I've requested he be one of the guests at The Hub 2 XD I think ya'll should follow my example and [ ask for him too. ] The more people who ask for the same guests, the more likely we are to get them! Also, you must ask for John Barrowman and Julian Bleach and Melvin Murray and Lachlan Noebier and...!!!
omg someone make me an emo!Rupesh icon? ILU LONG TEIM!


Tags: character: [tw]: rupesh patanjali, tv series: torchwood: series 3

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