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The Last Van Helsing \\ Demons

Ya'll remember that "Last Van Helsing" show I mentioned [ way back in July, ] right?...

Well it's only been renamed to "Demons" and is due out this coming January!!!

Yes, flist, that wonderfully sounding drama about Van Helsing's heir, Luke Forsythe, (our very own Ross Jenkins Christian Cooke) fighting all the supernatural creatures that plague us in this modern day world. Excited? I sure know I am! 2009 is looking to be another most exciting year in regards to tv and fandom. That lucky sod, conjunkie, got a first glimpse at the trailer for this new series at Expo at the weekend and I've spent most of today sourcing out as much as I can about the show again so that I could share the squee and flail with ya'll XD don't say I'm not good to you!

Want the official blurb?

Coming soon to ITV: Philip Glenister (Life on Mars, Ashes to Ashes) stars in a fantastical new six-part drama series - a contemporary spin on the legacy of Bram Stoker’s Dracula, set above and beneath the streets of modern-day London.

Glenister plays Rupert Galvin, a larger-than-life American with a tragic past and a zero-tolerance policy to the rabble of mythical “half-life” entities that exist all around us. When he bursts into the life of his teenage godson, Luke (Christian Cooke – Echo Beach, Robin Hood), whose father died in mysterious circumstances 15 years before, little does Luke know what will be thrust upon him. There are supernatural forces at work and it is Luke’s destiny, as the last descendent of the Van Helsing line, to smite the half-lives that stalk our streets.

While trying to juggle an ordinary life of school exams, parties and learning to drive – not to mention keeping it all from his mum – Luke is catapulted into a world of vampires, demons and zombies, along with his best friend Ruby (Holliday Grainger – Waterloo Road). But he remains cool – it’s in his blood after all…

Helping Galvin to train Luke in his quest is the beautiful but ice-cold Mina Harker (Zoe Tapper - Affinity) a blind concert pianist with a history, who is also the foremost authority on the undesirable entities preying on humanity.

But before they have time to properly prepare Luke, he is faced with a daunting opponent in the form of the villainous Gladiolus Thrip (Mackenzie Crook -The Office, Pirates of the Caribbean) a sinister vampire with a burning hatred for the Van Helsing line and all they stand for. [ Source

Wanna see the trailer?

[ Watch "Demons" Trailer - many awesome thanks to bigtitch for sourcing it! ]

...Um...omg we get shirtless Christian Cooke in this show!? Screw the red unit cap, that'll do me just fiiine ;D

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