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The Hub : not a report so much as a post of shallow prettyness

The Hub
( Torchwood Convention 17-19th October )

( photo by smirnoffmule who appears to have captured all of the awesomeness that was The Hub,
all should bow down in appreciation of the visual manpwn! ...want more? )

So, it's been just over a week since I set off for the much awaited weekend that was The Hub, and what can I say that hasn't already been said, squee'd and flailed about, at least a hundred times over by now? The answer- not a whole lot! XD but ya'll know me an my love to ramble on about the little things in life, so- whilst I won't be attempting to reiterate the entirity of the weekend (links to far better reports than I would have managed anyway, shall be posted at the end of this)- I will be pointing out all the things that made Caspe a very happy fangirly throughout the weekend.


Alas, I didn't manage to snap anything quite as lush as the picture I'm using to entice ya'll into this post either, but I have uploaded the professional photos I got taken with some of the guests, because I am insanely chuffed with the majority of them ;D and hope that my ramblings throughout the rest of this post will keep ya'll at least partially interested!

( L-R: Jack Montgomery (young Jack), Ian Hilditch (John's body double), Kai Owen, Andy Jones(?Random Weevil), John Barrowman, Naoko Mori, Gareth David-Lloyd, Lachlan Nieboer (Gray), Richard Tunesi(?Random Weevil), Paul Kasey(Janet the Weevil & The Blowfish) )

Aren't they all just devine? The only two missing from the line up are Anthony Lewis (Tommy) and Sara Lloyd Gregory (Cerys) who turned up on the Sunday. All the attending guests were just brilliant, they were all so friendly and accomodating and totally up for some major fan-servicing in the cases of John, Gareth and Kai ;D which of course no one was complaining about, all things concidered (even Naoko and Sara shared a little snog, which got a cheer from all, but especially the femslash fangirls. Gareth even tried to snog Naoko, but alas, no one seemed to be feeling the het that weekend because they got the most half-hearted cheer for that one! I was cheering, I'm glad to say, because I heart my Ianto/Tosh ;D)

The "Weevils" and John's Body double
(aka Paul Kasey, Andy Jones, Richard Tunesi and Ian Hilditch)
I have to be honest, when I booked my tickets for The Hub, the big names confirmed for it were John, Naoko, Kai and Paul. I booked for them but not-so-secretly had my fingers crossed for Gareth too. After he was announced- and after much flailing- I said that I couldn't care less if the rest of the cast of weevils were announced, that was me satisfied. And I was. But at the time I said it, I'd meant it in a "I couldn't care less about any of the other attending guests" sense. And, ladies and gents, I am glad to say I had that attitude completely knocked out of me over the course of the weekend!

The "Weevils" and John's body double in particular were my "meh, whatever" guests, but a more genuine bunch of blokes (aside from maybe Kai Owen ;D) you couldn't hope to meet! They were so down to earth and yet completely passionate about their job roles, embracing the fact that though they weren't in the spot-light, they were still part of the show and they loved it and the fans for all our support.

Now, I'm not 100% certain, but I'm pretty sure that on the Friday night, during the "Lost in Time" party, Ian Hilditch was dressed as Henry VIII. If it wasn't him, then no biggie. But if it was then I spent quite a while chatting with him and a few other people in Captain Jack's Office. He was complaining that he had to keep pulling up his stockings XD 'coz they kept sliding down and I told him to try using hairspray. He was all like "O_o... hairspray?" And I explained that it helped stick the stockings to your legs and reduced the need to keep tugging them up. He was pretty impressed with the logic and we proceeded to talk about some more random stuff with the rest of the group there. It wasn't until the Saturday when all the guests were being introduced and stuff that I did a double take and thought to myself, "...wait a minute!" upon recognising his face. Or thinking I recognised his face. I never did think to actually ask him either. Fail, Caspe, fail. It's okay, no fail, since I'm told it wasn't him after all. Still, Henry VIII looked very cool XD

At the end of the weekend, Ian and the "weevils" passed by me and my girlies and said goodbye to us- which we all thought was awesome of them X) I really wouldn't mind having them attend another con. Same goes for the writers we got at The Rift. All these "behind the scenes" guys are just amazing really, and need more of the limelight!

( me & Janet Paul Kasey; he is such a geek-boy!
I love it so much XD And his smile is totally infectious too!

"Tommy", "Cerys" and "Young Jack"
(aka Anthony Lewis, Sara Lloyd Gregory, and Jack Montgomery)
Young!Jack is apparenlty not as young as we all thought he was, if his asking John Barrowman for a porshe for chirstmas is anything to go by ;D ...yes, that was pretty much innuendo for I'll be your sexiboytoy if you buy me pretty things. I think the original question asked during one of the group Q&A was what would all the guests like for Christmas and it turned into everyone either asking John for a porshe or telling him they explicitly did not want one XD which, again, innuendo for I'll whore myself out to you. LOLZ. Gareth made a comment about Jack not being old enough but John was all like sure he is, aren't you Jack? and Jack was all like hell yeah. Heh. not even the young were spared at this convention!

Jack was a pretty awesome guy. I'm sure most of us went in thinking he was going to be this cute, relatively wee boy, who we'd all gush over because well- aww young Jack!- but in reality he's far more mature than most of us attendees were! The way he speaks especially was suprising in that it's not how you expect any young man under the age of about 30 to talk. But that of course just made him really endearing. I still wanted to pinch his cheeks though ;)

Anthony I'd met before at the Collectormania Gmex event earlier in the year and it was awesome to meet him again. Apparently since then he's managed to aquire his own Tommy!Bear, which is just adorable! There was some doubt however as to whether he was given his own bear or whether he went out and made his own bear- but whichever, he's totally part of the gang now (his own words!) which is just very squeeworthy and I hope we'll one day get to meet Tommy!Bear!

Sara was absolutely gorgous and lovely and just amazing. Again, a guest I wasn't particularly fussed about but, dang it, this girl's got balls and we love her to bits for it. She was hilarious also when describing how she had to go about the audition process for her character, (lets just say room full of men and the words "start convulsing" were involved XD) but she'd not embrarrased about it at all and totally managed to hold her own both in the Q&A's and against Gareth as they shared some friendly sniping and rib-jabbing XD I'd love to meet her again just for her ability to rub Gareth up the right wrong way! haha.

Lachlan Nieboer
(aka Gray, Jack's baby brother)
Lachlan was announced pretty last minute. I'm not sure if he was intended to be one of the "surprise" guests, but when Louise Delamere ("Diane Holmes") cancelled, he was pulled in. And ye gods! aren't we all just over the moon with excitement that he was? Another truth to admit here, but I'm pretty sure the whole of fandom was thinking the same way- Gray? Gray wasn't all that awesome in the series. My initial dislike for the character was due to the fact he killed both Tosh and Owen. I did appreciate his psychosis, but the shallow part of me dismissed him because- in relation to everyone else- he just wasn't that pretty or talented to keep my attention. That same shallow part of me now wants to have his babies because OMG GUYS!! that boy is LUSH. And such a sweetie! And he's like 99.9% garunteed to be in series three (he hesitated when asked and deflected directly answering by saying he "would like" to be in the next series. Huh. That's a yes in my books! XD) and so, yes, shallow Caspe is shallow and is now a complete fangirl for Lachlan. What? Ya'll are thinking along the same lines here, don't lie!

( me & Lachlan; the boy smishes you. homg.
I think I'm a little bit in love with him.
Caspe can please be having her own Lachlan, ys?

Naoko Mori
(aka Toshiko Sato; super-sexy geekgirl extrodinare)
Tosh! X) I was pretty psyched to be meeting Naoko at The Hub. I've loved her character from the beginning and I was chuffed to bits to find that she's every bit as geeky and soft-spoken as Tosh herself was on the show. Alas, I think it's fairy definitive that Tosh will not be returning to the show. Naoko's said a few times that she felt brining the character back would ruin the way she was killed off that though it was sci-fi and anything was possible, she herself didn't want Tosh to come back. Woe. But completely understandable at the same time.

( me & Naoko; my gosh, who knew I was actually that pale?!
Naoko on the other hand was looking absolutely gorgeous as usual!

Kai Owen
(aka Rhys Williams)
"I'm not an alien! ...I'm a gaylien!" XD oh Kai, you wonderfully smexy man you! This man is just so full of the banter and life that it makes you giddy just to be standing in the same room as him. I've said it before I'm sure, but I'll say it again- this is the type of bloke you want to take down the pub. He has this ability to make you feel so relaxed and happy and treats you not as a fan but as a friend and yeah, it's a wonderful feeling to be able to inspire into others, and that's why it never gets old seeing him. Putting him in the same room as John Barrowman appears to affect all the guests in weird and wonderful ways, but the laugh it gave us when John, Kai and Gareth were together was just unbelievable. I've never seen any of the boys act quite so openly and carefree and it was just amazing. With Kai, I was in stitches, especially during the Saturday night sketch wherin Rhys proceeded to get on his ghey! The fact that he was the one to instigate the Rhys/Ianto snog also pretty much stopped my heart beating and got him extra brownie points of awesomeness on principle ;D

Brownie points that were later lost a little bit when I got my professional picture with him back. When I went in he pure smiled at me, shook my hand and asked how I was getting on before smishing me to his side. We got the picture and as I was leaving he was all smiles and rubbed my back and said "see you later, darling" and I was beaming, I won't lie, and then I got the picture and wheretf did his smile go!? Okay, so the brooding look is actually devistatingly sexy, but that's completely besides the point!

I feel I must bring this up with him at The Hub 2 ;D

( me & Kai; why so serious?
but we love him anyway <3

Gareth David-Lloyd
(aka Ianto Jones)
My first glimpse of Gareth at The Hub pretty much gave me whiplash. le sigh. XD I was standing in the lobby of the Park Inn chatting to some of my girlies when Kiera started chanting Gareth's name. Georgie and myself turned our heads to look in the same direction before just as quickly turning back to pretend that we hadn't infact noticed he was walking towards us... behind us... into the lift... yeah, real subtle of us. I'm sure he didn't notice at all. aha. ::shifty eyed::

But anyway! That aside, omg Gareth! The boy had me in stitches and squee and I'm pretty sure I was close to fainting from sheer slash overload when him and John proceeded to tease us all into puddles of screaming goo. From almost-kisses to full on snogs, from lap-sitting to x-rated innuendo's, from dropped pants to crotch touching, I don't think there was anything too taboo for this boy where John (and Kai) was concerned. And were any of us complaining? HELL NO! XD

He gave us everything we were hoping for and way more. Those of us grumbling at the fact the Americans got to see the lushness of Gareth and John in the same room together with their almost kiss were more than satisfied with the way this weekend turned out. XD I just. woah. There aren't really many other words I can use to describe the sheer awesomness of it all!

( Gareth & me; would you just look at that minxy little smirk he's wearing!?
LUSHNESS! it pretty much makes up for the fact
I didn't think to ask for a hug from him ;D

John Barrowman
(aka Captain Jack Harkness)
John Barrowman, ah. You know I'm not sure what to say when it comes to this man. I'm pretty sure, though I totally fangirl his character, that I'm not infatuated with him in the same way I am with guys like Gareth. And yet... John remains the only man able to give me the wibbles when I get near him. I get completely startstruck and nervous and shakey and shy and omg I don't know why! He's another completely genuine and friendly guy, completely flamboyant and over the top ;) but none of these should make me go so wibbly over him. I mean really! It does manage to explain just how I managed to forget how to walk and breathe after watching the Saturday night sketch. He snogged Gareth. He snogged Kai. He glomped Kai and Gareth as they snogged. He then got back on stage with the other two to moon us all. And I forgot how to breathe pretty much throughout that whole piece. Seriously, you just have to ask Denise how flaily I was over the whole thing. Just. How does he manage to make me go so fangirly!?

I'm pretty sure the leather jacket he was wearing for most of the weekend helped (omg JB in leather?! UNGH) but other than that I've not got a clue ;D but damn... that man!

( John & me; was slightly disappointed he wasn't wearing his leather jacket
for the photo sessions, but well... John Barrowman.
I'm sure I need to say no more!

Well... that's me. I know, it's a completely shallow reaccounting of absolutely nothing of substance XD but it's my journal and my rambles so, yeah, ::snuggles it:: To be honest, I never was going to be able to do any kind of coherent report of this event. The Hub completely broke my brain. It was the most awesome weekend I've had ever- and I know I say that about most cons I go to, but in all seriousness, this one beats them all hands down. I had my girlies there, I had awesome guests, and non-stop fun, I can only hope that The Hub 2 will be even bigger and better than this one was and that I survive it far better too.

Also, for those of you who were expecting updates over the weekend? My phone died a horrible death. It is still dead and doesn't look as though it'll be working again any time soon. fail. fingers crossed it'll be fixed by and won't happen again next year! ;)

Still looking for coherent reports of the weekend? Why don't you try:
_stolendreams_'s bullet points of awesomeness and Hub photos (where you shall find copious amounts of leather-jacket!John!)
dancy_dreamer's The Hub Part 1 and The Hub Part 2 (and I'm sure she's still got plenty more to say! A more detailed report I've yet to see!)
erin_giles' Hub Post (lots of pics of Captain Jack's office! as well as the artwork she drew for the guests/to sign)
sasha_lilyrat with the best bits

There are of course plenty more out there that I've missed, but there's a reason I'm only just getting around to being on LJ again since The Hub so excuse me if I've missed

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  • { "...probably the bravest man I ever knew" }

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