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Countdown to the hub : ONE MORE SLEEP!!!

omg flist, only ONE MORE SLEEP!! and then I'll be at The Hub. omg. it doesn't feel real. we've been waiting so very long for this con to arrive and now that it's here- duuude, it's just not sinking in! XD

i've finished packing ::sits on suitcase to close it:: probably forgotten to back a million and one things but who really cares? The main things (tickets, confirmation emails, outfits ;D) are all in there somewhere, amongst a bazillion other things I probably don't need and won't use but such is the nature of packing!

have decided not to take ye olde laptop, but since my phone has internet access and a quick link to posting direct to LJ I figure I can still update ya'll on the squee and flail XD so don't worry about missing out. omg

have to dash now! staying with galaxysong tonight and then up at some godforsaken hour tomorrow morning to start the process of travelling down to Northampton ::flails:: I canne wait!!!

and doubly so to all my girlies going too! see you sexy things soon! ::glomp::
Tags: event: the hub, mood: epic squee!

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