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Countdown to The Hub : 17 days...

Brought to you courtesy of the jamesmoranblog (which I meant to link to a couple weeks ago, but well, ahem):

"Now, I am of the opinion that the Jeremy Brett version of Sherlock Holmes is the definitive portrayal. The Granada series is superb, I have the box set of the entire series, including the feature length ones, and it's just fantastic. However, you can always improve on a classic, with the simple addition of pasty white blokes rapping. This just makes me fall about in hysterics, and for several days this has been the funniest thing in the world for me. Sorry, but I'm very childish."

James, darling, I couldn't agree with you more! XD b'wahahaa. Sometimes it's just the simple things in life.
Also, I think for the "Night out in Cardiff" party at The Hub they need to play this tune right here:

Flist, you must learn this dance. I require it of you. We shall probably, however, leave out that last part, unless anyone is feeling particularly adventurous? XD While you're at it, please feel free to brush up on "The YMCA", "The Macarena", "The Ketchup Song", anything by the Venga Boys and all other manner of bad cheesy pop (hey, Kai Owen is MC'ing, I'm sure he'll put in a good work for these tunes!) Shush, you love it really!
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