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Countdown to The Hub : 20 days...

It's ridiculous how much I was looking forward to this...

...especially when considering we're only on episode two!

Is anyone else already absolutely addicted to Merlin? I mean, I know it's not accurate to history in any sort of way, (and really it's the BBC, we can't really expect that from them!), but damn I watched the first episode twice last week and have been thinking about it all day at work today, getting myself really excited about watching it tonight and... um... yeah. My name is Capse and I'm getting seriously addicted to Merlin. XD

Why? Well, flist, that's a questiion I've been pondering for a little while now and the only remotely honest answer I can come up with is that it's pretty. There, I admit it, I am a terribly shallow person. It is made of the pretty. Merlin is pretty. Arthur is pretty. Merlin/Arthur is very pretty. Morganna is pretty. Uthur is played by Anthony Head and defaults as being utterly gorgeous ;D and well... it's light-hearted fun, with magic and copious amounts of (what I'm assuming are unintentional? Or maybe they know the kinds of people watching? heh) boy-love going on between Arthur and Merlin, despite their not wanting to be friends they seem completely inabe to stay away from each other (made all the better by the fact that Merlin is now Arthur's manservent (which, to be clear, is totally code for "boy who does teh smex", right? Just saying like.))

Tonight's episode especially ticked all the boxes for me- we had sword fighting, magical snakes, cheating knight's, Arthur and Merlin having their first "I trust you" moment, which was promptly shatted by that aformentioned cheating knight's naughty magical snakes, but made all better again once Merlin got his magic under control again and helped save the day and... damn but Arthur really is an arrogant arse, isn't he? But that's okay. Merlin loves it really. XD ::watches plot bunnies frolicking::

So. Um... anyone else got a confession to make?
Tags: fandom: [!]: musings, fandom: [!]: reaction post, tv series: merlin

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