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Countdown to The Hub : 21days...

There is no such thing as innapropriate love for old people...
...most especially if they make you flail all over the place,
whilst wibbling at their man-pain, and aching to smish them close and make it all better.

What the hell am I on about? Only the new series of House MD of course! ...what do you mean you're not watching it? Are you out of your mind!? There is drama happening, people! Lots of it. Lots of flailing drama that makes me angst so much for House and his Wilson because they are nothing alone and everything together and...

Yes, folks. Wilson broke up with House*. I may have cried just a bit inside at that. I totally wasn't expecting it at all to tell the truth. Sat watching episode one pan out, all the while thinking to myself, "Wilson's leaving? Pfft! Like that'll ever happen! ::snork::" And then, omg, he did. He actually left. And not because of Amber (though we all know it had a part to play) but because of House himself, and what he's been like day-after-day and year-after-year and... well, there's only so much a guy can take, right? And the best/worst part of it all? Wilson's leaving is only something House has been gunning to achive since pretty much the beginning of the whole thing (made all the more apparent after rewatching Season Three with the whole Tritter vs. Vicodin arc where he was a complete arsehole to Wilson and they had like that mini-break up that House fixed when he went to pretend-rehab and was all "omg I'm so sowwy, babi, ilu k?" Only in a more House-y way and Wilson forgave him and all was better with the world.)

Anyway! Getting back on track. House is an arse, he's always been an arse. He likes to see just how far he can push people before they snap and he kept pushing and pushing at Wilson, and I think he got a bit secure that after years of pushing, no matter what he did he'd always have Wilson and now... now he doesn't. And I feel all broke up inside because this isn't how it's meant to be! House needs his Wilson, and despite appearances, I'm pretty damn sure Wilson needs his House.

I think they both need a couple more sessions of that couples councelling to be honest. Hash out their drama and then make up. ::nod nod:: They're both too screwed up without one another! House is mopey and distracted and stalking Wilson. And Wilson is trying way to hard to pretend like House never existed and yet... when they see each other, standing on opposite sides of Wilson's door... you can see all the pain and heartache and... oh boys. I need them back together.

It can be new House episode time, now, yspls?
*Not that they were actually going out. There relationship, atm, is regretfully non-physical. But they share a very deep mental connection that pretty much makes up for the lack everything else ;).
Also, any kind soul out there have Prison Break S4 Episode 2 to share? ILU so hard for it!
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