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Countdown to The Hub : 22days...

I've posted my answers to my [ come play with me ] meme, you know the one where you guys had to ask me questions about fifteen unnamed characters? Yup, that's the one. There were some pretty weird and wonderful questions and pairings that cropped up and maybe a fic idea or two in the process ;) ...what do you mean no one wants to read Bilis Manger/Sally Sparrow!? Curious? ;)

List of Characters:
1. Ianto Jones
2. Michael Schofield
3. Dean Winchester
4. Toshiko Sato
5. Gregory House
6. Bilis Manger
7. Severus Snape
8. Jack Harkness
9. Ross Jenkins
10. Merlin
11. Sammy Winchester
12. Eighth Doctor
13. Sally Sparrow
14. Peter Petrelli
15. Remus Lupin


List of Questions:
Toshiko Sato and Jack Harkness become superheroes. Who would die first? And how would the survivor avenge them?

Ianto Jones, Bilis Manger and Ross Jenkins are on a mission to find the best potato salad in the world. Do they succeed, and if so, who has it?

Severus Snape asks Peter Petrelli out on a date. What do they do and does the relationship last?

Michael Schofield, Severus Snape and the Eighth Doctor are trapped in a locked room. Sally Sparrow has the means to let them out. Who has the best chance of persuading Sally Sparrow?

If Severus Snape walked in on Dean Winchester and Ross Jenkins making out, what would he/she do?

If Sam Winchester suddenly had the ability to transport magically to any place in the world just by blinking their eyes, but they could only do it 3 times (return trips not included), where would they go, and why?

Peter Petrelli angers an evil (alien) dictator and is sentenced to execution. However, the rules on said planet state that the executionee (???) is given the right of choosing their own method of death. What does he/she choose -- or, how does he/she get out of said predicament?

Who out of Jack Harkness and the Eighth Doctor would be more likely to get pregnant?

If Bilis Manger fell in love with Sally Sparrow what would Ross Jenkins think?

Jack Harkness and Michael Schofield go on a hot air balloon ride, would anything romantic happen?

Which character would be best at maths?

Which one could save us from global warming?

Would Ianto Jones and Michael Schofield ever sleep together? If so, would they want Severus Snape or Remus Lupin to join in on the fun?

If Jack Harkness had clogged the toilet, who would he/she trick into fixing it?

If Merlin were caught masturbating, what would they do?

Gregory House and Remus Lupin hate each other with a passion. How did the feud begin?


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