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Bringing Awesome Back...

...okay, not really, but I've a few many notes of flail and squee to spam your way X)

§ Dr Rupesh Pattenchali makes me think of wonderfully naughty threesome possibilities as far as Jack and Ianto are concerned. 

(Picture one credit to [ Planet Gallifrey ])

I mean, can't you guys just smell the ust potential here? The inevitable jealousy? TEH HAWT MANPWNING SMEX!? ...or is it just me again? ;)
§ So. Anyway. How're ya'll doing? Despite the lack of GDL, my mini-weekend in Cardiff went down pretty damn well, thank you for asking. But with good friends, good fun, Starbucks, the contemplated stroking of Captain Jack's Coat, Ferris Wheels and Merry-Go-Rounds, what else can you expect? ;)  

§ I am slightly outraged that despite really desperately wanting to catch even a wiff of filming, we heard of nothing happening whilst we were down. This despite our "connections" frequently refreshing certain webpages for us. The first day back home however and we hear that they've turning the Bay into [ filming central ] and Gareth and John are there in all their character glory and goddamnit life is just so unfair. ::pout::

§ Everyone looking forward to the end of the world [ Big Bang Day ] tomorrow? I'm... well, I couldn't care less about the CERN project if I'm being honest, physics of any description just goes way over my head, but the Torchwood audio play being released along with it makes me pretty happy! XD I have no fears that the world is going to be sucked into a black hole and plan to rush home from work tomorrow evening to listen to the 'listen again' of the show.

§ Is anyone else crazily addicted to JB's [ new songs ]? "What About Us" makes me wibble so hard in a really good way and damn but I think it'd make the most awesome Jack/Ianto vid in the history of vids ever. If I waggle my eyebrows enough think I can convice one of you flisters to give it a shot? ;) . The other song being played atm is "I Know Him So Well" which makes me wibble so hard in a really angsty way. I cannot wait for the new album and the tours that'll go along with it. Roadtrip, anyone?

§ One other thing to note: the Holiday!Bang [ prompts ] over on thestopwatch</lj> are making me wibble and cave in to the want to sign up. There is one I reallyreally want and may stomp my feet and sulk a whole load if I don't get to it in time. It is MINE people. BACK OFF. ::makes growly faces::

§ Usericon brought to you by the fact I've been really broody for some Severus/Remus slash since I got home. Why this is I've no idea. But there you go. And here ends my wordvomit. XD

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