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04 September 2008 @ 08:02 pm
fail. blue gillespie. fail.  
Well, I was going to Newport to see Blue Gillespie right up until the point they announced (today) that the gig has been cancelled. FAIL. And bloody typical that this being first time I'm able to go see them since last year, they cancel. WOE. Turns out I can't cancel my flights to Cardiff either so I'm out of pocket on that front and don't know if I can be arsed just going down for the weekend anyway because my heart is suddenly not into the idea at all. CUE EMO CASPE.

Spam me with love, flist?
edt. you guys are made of win! ::smushes you all:: Have decided to hell with it, and am going anyway. I'll be there with some of my girlies anyway and who knows, maybe we'll be lucky enough to catch some filming to make up for the lack of gigpwn! heh.
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absinthefairy88absinthefairy88 on September 4th, 2008 07:27 pm (UTC)
There is this if you haven't already seen it


Filming from today with Gareth in a very nice purple shirt (slightly unbuttoned as well)
Campaspe: RP \\ GDL; singingcs_whitewolf on September 4th, 2008 08:21 pm (UTC)
Well that has cheered me right up! ...and given me a reason to get over my sulk and just go down anyway. Not like I've got anything to loose, heh.

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Kerryblaze: Captain Jack Sunglasseskerryblaze on September 4th, 2008 07:27 pm (UTC)
Maybe they canceled because GDL's filming and you can go and catch TW filming on location??
Jayne with a Yjaynem89 on September 4th, 2008 07:42 pm (UTC)
You're right, there is filming. no idea if it's loc. but there's a chance it might be....

Seriously chic go! Get yourself away for the weekend in Torchwood land!
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Tessa: KingIantotiggerbrasilf on September 4th, 2008 07:44 pm (UTC)
*hugs* I'm sorry... Would some cake help a little?
Campaspe: Torchwood \\ Ianto Jones; colourcs_whitewolf on September 4th, 2008 08:23 pm (UTC)
Cake would help very much, thank you!

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_stolendreams_ on September 4th, 2008 07:47 pm (UTC)
awww darling that's no fun *hugs*
Go to Cardiff anyway and enjoy yourself. I'm sure you can find something to occupy yourself with. If nothing else you can go find Dalek boat man again ;)
Campaspe: Torchwood \\ 2.11 \\ Innovative...cs_whitewolf on September 4th, 2008 08:26 pm (UTC)
::hugs:: Yeah, I'm going now. An Dalek boat man ftw!!! seeing him may almost make up for the lack of Blue Gillespie XD ...well that and maybe possibly catching some filming! heh.
mrs_cj_harkness: Janto (animatedholdme)mrs_cj_harkness on September 4th, 2008 07:59 pm (UTC)
::sends mucho love::

I saw their myspace page and I was like "Caspe isn't gonna be happy" so have lots and lots of hugs sweetie :(

Just stare at the pretteh icon and you'll soon forget about it
Campaspe: Torchwood \\ 2.03 \\ Janto kisscs_whitewolf on September 4th, 2008 08:27 pm (UTC)

Caspe was most displeased and made of woe.

Thankfully, icon has worked. And Caspe got over her sulk and decided to just go anyway. Not like I'm losing anything! hehe
talcattalcat on September 4th, 2008 08:07 pm (UTC)
I love you!
And if you do decide to come to Cardiff and bum round pop in and see me on the market stall.
Campaspe: Torchwood \\ 2.13 \\ Ianto & Toshcs_whitewolf on September 4th, 2008 08:28 pm (UTC)
YAYZ!! ::loves you hard::

Ooo, where's your stall? I've decided to just go anyway. Might be lucky enough to catch filming ;)
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Georgie: Torchwood - Jack/Ianto (shagging that)indiefairy on September 4th, 2008 08:34 pm (UTC)
Yays for still going!! we shall have lots n lots of fun. See Dalek boat man, see the sights, drink coffee and maybe catch some filming XD
Campaspe: TW \\ Ianto Bears \\ Welsh Iantocs_whitewolf on September 4th, 2008 09:45 pm (UTC)
::smushes:: we'll make the most of our gigless weekend regardless! FTW Dalek boatman! hehe. And all the other jazz that makes Cardiff FTW

Joulez217joulez217 on September 4th, 2008 09:05 pm (UTC)
Awwww noo!!! ::huggles you tightly:: Right this confirms it, we get Gareth at the hub and you tell him off for cancelling the gig when it was the only time you could get down!!!

Also yus you must still go to Newport/CF thing of it as a late, one year meet with only two other of the gang!!! I was gonna highfenate that but couldn't be arsed! XD
Campaspe: Torchwood \\ 2.10 \\ Shared Smilescs_whitewolf on September 4th, 2008 09:47 pm (UTC)
::snuggles:: and I'm smack his arse for cancelling. Then beg him come to Glasgow XD and save me some money next time! haha.

Yus! I am going. Too much money spent on it to waist. Plus we'll still have fun coz all us girlies are made of win!
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galaxy_song: pic#78953017galaxy_song on September 4th, 2008 09:13 pm (UTC)
huh bad GDL a spnking he will get.

Glad your still going to Cardiff I think you and Georgie deserve to just happen to wander across some filming.

much love
Campaspe: Torchwood \\ Pretty Please?cs_whitewolf on September 4th, 2008 09:49 pm (UTC)
Damn straight! ::pouts at him::

Heh, yeah. It's too much to waste not to go. And yeah, am totally hoping we'll catch filming, but either way, we'll make the best of it!
__♥..Jemz-y Baby..♥__: Janto FTWjemzamia on September 4th, 2008 10:10 pm (UTC)
*squishes* PORN PARTY AT MINE Y/Y?
Campaspe: Torchwood \\ Ianto&Weevil; stare you dowcs_whitewolf on September 5th, 2008 08:33 pm (UTC)
ZOMG YS BABI!!! ...but not this weekend. I'm going down anyway. Maybe catch filming? WHO KNOWS!!!

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Endurwen Mariska Dracula: Lancelot-Hell Yesknightsarmatia on September 5th, 2008 01:24 am (UTC)
Oooh Cardiff! I want to go to Cardiff, take me with you and we can fight over the torchwood boys :)
Campaspe: Torchwood \\ 2.11 \\ Innovative...cs_whitewolf on September 5th, 2008 08:34 pm (UTC)
X) ::packs you into bag also::

ripley312ripley312 on September 5th, 2008 02:33 am (UTC)
Hope you have a wonderful time. I'm envious because I want to go. ANd they did just start filming so hopefully you can catch Gareth at his day job.
Campaspe: Torchwood \\ 2.10 \\ Ianto's Arsecs_whitewolf on September 5th, 2008 08:37 pm (UTC)
I'm kind of hoping we do manage to catch some filming, esp to make up for the fact there's no longer the gig to look forward to (fail!!). Still, I'll have a good time regardless, I mean it is *Cardiff* XD
daylyn: Tosh Um_baffled_fandomdaylyn on September 5th, 2008 03:59 am (UTC)
Go! Have fun! Stalk the set Watch the filming. Or just go and have a good time and do... fun things!

Have a great, great time!!!!!

Campaspe: Torchwood \\ 2.12 \\ hand to chestcs_whitewolf on September 5th, 2008 08:39 pm (UTC)
Oh you know me too well! XD I'll be shadowing any and all filming I get so much as a sniff of. heh. And I'll have a blast doing it too!

::snuggles with you::