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fail. blue gillespie. fail.

Well, I was going to Newport to see Blue Gillespie right up until the point they announced (today) that the gig has been cancelled. FAIL. And bloody typical that this being first time I'm able to go see them since last year, they cancel. WOE. Turns out I can't cancel my flights to Cardiff either so I'm out of pocket on that front and don't know if I can be arsed just going down for the weekend anyway because my heart is suddenly not into the idea at all. CUE EMO CASPE.

Spam me with love, flist?
edt. you guys are made of win! ::smushes you all:: Have decided to hell with it, and am going anyway. I'll be there with some of my girlies anyway and who knows, maybe we'll be lucky enough to catch some filming to make up for the lack of gigpwn! heh.
Tags: mood: caspe does emo, music: blue gillespie

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