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OMGoodness, flist! There is mucho excitement going about today in regards to the news about The Hub and Showmasters' announcement to have a around 10-12 guests for the event. I tell you, I haven't stopped bouncing all day thanks to this most wonderful of news! So, big question being, who do ya'll want?

I'd love to obviously have Gareth, Eve and Burn there, just so that we've the full cast, but I'm not sure how likely that'll be. Also having Freema and James Marsters (but without his scary fangirls attached) would be cool. I totally want "Bilis Manger" though, because that would like make my life XD and Tom Price (and not just because Shaz'll kill me if he's not mentioned! heh) and Matt Rippy being there would kill me dead in a very good way too. "Lisa" and "Suzie" would be awesome to get also because of S1, and can we get little!brother-Grey because I really want to ruffle his hair XD heh. I'm not demanding much, right?

In reality though, I think we might end up getting guests like "Tommy" and "Alice Guppy" (who did G-Mex), and "Ed Morgan" (who did the Glasgow Collectormania last weekend), and anyone else who was in the show who's done a previous showmasters event. Not that this is a bad thing, of course, but it'd be nice to get the "big names" in first! heh.
§ In other news, I recieved a thestopwatch fic! :O I totally didn't think I'd end up getting one because I had to drop out shortly after the fest began (due to mother issues), so this makes me really glad that I did end up offering to pinch-hit (and also that I got myself back out of bed to write something else besides the angst-fest of a fic too! XD) Ya'll must go and read the one I recieved, it's untitled but very awesome and can be read [ here ]. I don't think I'm allowed to say when the fic I submitted gets posted, but do let me know if you read anything that you think might have been my entry ;) heh. They'll probably announce all the authors at some point next week though so I'll let ya'll know which is mine then X).

§ The boss-lady officially gave me next Saturday off. I AM SO GOING TO NEWPORT NOW OMG!!! I have to work this Monday in return (as I don't actually have any holidays left) but this works very well in her favour as Monday's are quiet and she needs me to do a shitload of branch transfers for her. So win-win. Did I mention that my boss is a very awesome boss? heh. It's all very exciting because now I can start planning stuff and I was looking at flights and there's a late night one for the Sunday night so, I'm thinking, that I'll maybe let Kieren know I'll be down and maybe get to see him ::blushy face:: which actually brings me onto my next bit of news...

§ Was speaking with Kieren the other night and he was saying that he's been offered a job up in Scotland. About an hour out of Glasgow but in the opposite direction from me. omg. I may actually get to see this guy! It's very exciting and really scary at the same time. eep!

§ And lastly! Saw the new Merlin trailer thanks to erin_giles and omg! Tell me, those of you who've seen it too, am I the only one who noticed the totally obvious slashtext between Merlin and Arthur?

   Arthur ::leery face:: There's something about you, Merlin. Can't quite put my finger on it.
   Merlin ::smirky face::

No? Maybe just me then, XD nothing new there!
Tags: challenge: thestopwatch, event: the hub, mood: squee!, music: blue gillespie, real life: boy stuff, tv series: merlin

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