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I must not go to Newport next weekend. I must not go to Newport next weekend. I must not go...

Think if I chant it enough I'll eventually manage to talk myself out of it? It being a trip to Newport. Next weekend. For a gig to be precise. A gig Blue Gillespie just happen to be playing. Aha. Ahem. I have no willpower though. And Shaz' arguement that "it's Newport" isn't working so well considering that GDL himself (and Shaz, come to mention it!) is from the area. That and James Marsters survived a night out there too. And well, Georgie's initial response to 'help talk me out of this' was to practically offer herself up as my gig buddy. I know not whether to squee or headdesk. But I really- really- want to go. I've missed so many of his gigs already, and my co-worker all but told me to take that Satuday off to go see him and I haven't spent any money this month (yet) so I can afford it and... um... see how everything is conspiring to make me go?! Damnit. XD 

I must not go to Newport next weekend. I must not go to Newport next weekend. I must go....
§ In other news, my father decided it would be a tremendously great idea to put a radiator in my bedroom and replace the boiler (also in my bedroom) over the weekend. (The weekend spanning Friday through Wednesday, of course). As a result I had to move everything I owned out of my room (creating much dust, constant sneezing and feeling like I had the flu for most of this 'weekend'). He is now finished and I've been moving everything back into my room, only to decide that I don't want half the stuff I own and as a result am now auctioning most of it off on ebay. Ho-ya! If anyone would like to take a sneaky-peak then please [ check my ebay page here ]. And feel free to be cheeky and ask for discounts or combined items or whatever, if you're on my flist chances are I'll be swayed by your pure awesomeness! XD

§ The Mother one went to the doctor's yesterday, hoping to get his approval for going back to work. Instead she's been told to take another two weeks off. And they found a lump. Fail. She's been given tablets, as they're hoping it's maybe just a clot of some kind, that will dissolve away into nothingness. We're all praying that's the case too. Least to say she's most upset about this news. We're worrying now that everything is going to start up again. Eep. So not impressed right now. Will know more when she goes for her next check up in a couple weeks time. Fingers crossed, flist? <33

§ In more upbeat but still relatively made-of-fail news, I have to write a fic tonight. It is kicking my arse with it's fail. Why? Because my prompt (or rather lack of) is made of fail. I have no inspiration. And it's due, in all its beta'd glory, today. But that's okay. I can do it. No bother. I've stocked up on Irn-Bru. I'm about to be fed and watered thanks to the parentals teaming up to make dinner. I can do this! 

On than note, anyone planning to be up until ridiculous hours this morning who thinks they can spare a couple of brain cells to beta whatever the hell I manage to get written? ::wolfy eyes::
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