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TWFanFic: Lovers In An Orange Grove

Title: Lovers In An Orange Grove
Series: Anywhere Is; sequel of sorts to 'Oranges on Appletrees'.
Rating(s): R/18-Rated.
Pairing(s): Jack Harkness/Jack “James Harper” Harkness
Word Count: 3246
Summary: Unbetad. Jack contemplates James’ love of seeing him in make-up and comes to a realisation of his own.
Prompt: Written for kink_bingo (table alpha). Kink: Deepthroating.
Warning(s): for the aforementioned kink, as well as men in make-up.
Dedication: to my darling, Denise; as her (seriously belated) birthday piece! I hope it’s not too angsty a piece to begift to you, darling, though I’m sure you’ll approve of the way I turned the mood around in the end ;D
- - -
Jack Harkness stared down at the counter before him, the fingers of his right hand absentmindedly twirling a small cylindrical tube, no longer than his thumb, about in circles; it was a reflective black in colour, with a silver band encircling the middle of it, just below the thin slit that allowed it to be pulled open and apart into two separate sections.
He pursed his lips, his eyes flickering up to gaze furtively at his face in the slightly steamed bathroom mirror before quickly dropping them to the counter once more. He spun the tube again, biting back a sigh as he gnawed on his bottom lip; chewing it to a bruising red as he contemplated everything and nothing and the inanity of his own thoughts in regards to this small, inanimate object which was causing him so much inner turmoil.
He listened to the light scratching the black tube made as it rotated upon the counter; his fingers quick and nimble to spin and spin and catch quickly if the tube veered away. Perhaps it wouldn’t cause him nearly so much drama and uncertainty if he just put the damn thing away. Lifting it from the counter and shoving it as far into the back of one of the bathroom cabinets as he was able to.
Then he could forget about it. Forget about it and the night before where James had used that very same tube- lid plucked off and the blood-red of the lipstick contained within slowly twisted upwards- to paint his lips a deep rouge colour, a colour James hadn’t been able to stop himself from plundering right back off with his lips and his tongue till both their mouths had been stained with an echo of the once-bold colour.
He licked at his lips in remembrance, his eyes flickering back up to the mirror and this time he forced himself to hold his own stare- for a heartbeat at least- before allowing his eyes to drop downwards, roaming over his own semi-naked body; from the large, white towel wrapped about his trim waist, up the length of his bare torso- from the firmness of a stomach that inside churned and lurched with an inexplicable nervousness, to the straining lines of his arms as he rested them, now palm-flat upon the waist high counter he stood before- he dragged his gaze slowly up his neck before doing another quick and cursory check of his face.
He frowned to himself, frowned at himself. Just what was he expecting to see every time he so much as glanced at his own reflection in the bathroom mirror? He met his own eyes again and bit harder at his bottom lip. His face was the epitome of the tortured man- his brow creased with a worry he wasn’t sure how to alleviate, his eyes darkened, pupils dilated and searching, his mouth was bruised with nervous biting and confusion, his cheeks flushed just slightly as he tried to source out the reason for his reaction to finding that silly little tube of lipstick lying so unobtrusively upon the counter.
It hadn’t bothered him so much last night. Aside from the initial spark of panic he’d experienced at finding out James had wanted to put make-up on him, he hadn’t really thought much about the whole thing other than to comment on just how much it seemed to turn his lover on. And James had been really very turned on by the whole thing. Then, it hadn’t bothered him at all. Now… now though…
Jack sighed heavily and dropped his head into his hands. He knew what it was. He’d said as much last night, if he remembered correctly, or he’d given at least the barest details of confession to James when asked. He’d done it before. He’d worn make-up before last night, or rather, he’d worn lipstick before; back when he was just a boy, only seventeen years old and wondering just why the hell he was looking at all the boys when he should have been looking at all the girls.
The incident with the lipstick came one afternoon whilst home alone. He’d stepped into his parents’ bedroom for some reason he couldn’t quite recall now and there, lying atop his mother’s dresser had been a half-opened stick of rose-pink lipstick. He hadn’t intended to reach out and lift it up, not really. He hadn’t meant to sniff at it and smile at the familiar scent either. He certainly never planned to sit down upon his mother’s stool, look at his face in the mirror and paint his lips in that soft pink. He really didn’t know what he’d been thinking at the time; playing with his mother’s make up? The idea itself was absurd! But he’d done it, tried it, and he’d liked it.
He remembered how his hands had moved over her eye pencils and her blusher and puffer of foundation powder like a child with a new toy. He hadn’t a chance to put anything else on- and thank goodness for that, the repercussion would have been far worse, he was sure- before his father arrived home unexpectedly and found him standing in his bedroom, hurriedly wiping at his mouth with the back of his hand; his intention to wipe away the traces of lipstick, the result serving only to smudge it lightly about his mouth. His father had been livid, disgusted. He didn’t like remembering the beating he received for it. And not long after he was enrolled into the air force and that, as far as his father had been concerned, was the end of that.
Jack scrubbed at his face, rubbing his knuckles into his eyes for a moment before dropping his hands and staring- blurry-eyed but determined- into the mirror. He snatched up the tube of lipstick with a suddenness that startled even himself, hesitating only seconds before he was wrenching off the lid and twisting the stick of lipstick up and out.
He had to force his jaw to unclench and his mouth to part and pout just a little as he drew the colour across first the top lip and then the bottom lip- the stroke of the lipstick thick and bold, the colour heavy upon his lips and tasting- ridiculous as the notion was- of Jack, and last night. He flicked his tongue out again, sliding it about his lips, wetting them and leaving them with a slight glistening sheen to them.
He smiled suddenly; wide and without humour. There. That hadn’t been so hard had it? He stopped smiling, but he stopped frowning at himself too as he bent forward, inspecting his mouth closer to the mirror.
“Now, isn’t that a lovely sight to come home to?” James’ voice touched his ears and Jack froze, his eyes darting from his mouth to the second reflection which had suddenly appeared beside his in the mirror.
He whirled around to face his lover; his mouth working soundlessly over a torrent of expletives and explanations he had no idea how to voice. James smiled at his shock, stepping into the room and reaching out for him, his fingers curling gently beneath his chin whilst his thumb moved up to brush slowly across the fullness of his bottom-lip.
“Did you do all this for me?” James leered at him, his other hand moving to finger the knot of the towel still tied about his hips and Jack finally broke out of his silence to groan, his face flushing with embarrassment as he pushed forward to press his face against the crook of James’ neck. He felt James’ laugh rumble through his chest as he moved to wrap both his arms about him.
“You didn’t do all this for me?” He correctly assumed instead. Jack shook his head, groaning again. He could feel James’ smile curling against his crown as he nuzzled his face against his hair. “You’re not still all hooked up about how wrong it all is, are you?” James’ smile faded and he pressed a soft kiss to Jack’s hair instead, his hands moving to rub soothingly up and down the length of his back.
Jack sighed by way of answer, feeling James tense just slightly at the confirmation. He tightened his own hold around James’ body as he felt his lover begin to release him.
“Don’t,” Jack breathed out against his neck, his lips moving minutely against the collar of his shirt with the word.
James’ hold strengthened once again. “Okay,” he agreed, resuming his rubbing of Jack’s back. “But you want to tell me what’s wrong?”
“Not really,” Jack murmured, sniffing in James’ scent and smiling just a little. He didn’t always like how James could read him like an open book, how he could instantly tell if something was wrong and guess, pretty accurately, just what that something was if Jack himself wasn’t cooperating enough to tell him.
“I promised we didn’t have to do it again,” James began, one hand moving to curl his fingers through Jack’s hair.
“I know,” Jack answered, feeling himself relaxing a little more against his lover as James’ fingers carded through his hair in a massaging stroke. He pressed a soft kiss to Jack’s neck. “I was just… thinking.”
James kissed him on the head once again, not asking. Jack smiled softly, thankfully, as he loosened his arms and moved away enough to look at James. He felt his cheeks flushing again as he watched James’ eyes instantly darken with desire at the sight of him. Jack licked his lips nervously, biting softly at them as he saw Jack’s gaze follow the quick sweep of his tongue before meeting his eyes once again. His hands moved intentionally down his body, his fingers curling themselves into the towel at his waist and jerking him the couple inches separating them closer.
“Do you want to get cleaned up?” James asked, his voice suddenly hoarse. Jack sucked on his bottom lip as he contemplated James’ words. James meanwhile closed his eyes, breathing heavily through his nose for a moment before opening them again and all but growling his next few words out, “I ask only because I don’t want you to… feel obliged to do this for me. I don’t want you to be uncomfortable with anything I ask you to try, Jack. You have every right to tell me no. You know that, don’t you?”
Jack felt a sudden heat surge through his chest before it spread down to his belly, twisting his stomach with something other than that inexplicable confusion he’d only moments ago been so consumed with.
At his continued silence, James narrowed his eyes, his grip on Jack tightening as he leant forward just a little. “I ask also because you must know what seeing you like this does to me-,”
The fiery heat continued to burn through him, sending a swarming tingle of sensation throughout him in the seconds between James’ words and his surging forward- his hands grabbing at James’ face as he smashed their mouths together, his lips moving hungrily against the momentarily still press of James’ own before his arms were wrapping even more tightly about him and dragging him as close as their bodies were physically able to be- at least with a towel and several layers of clothing between them at this precise moment in time.
James wrenched his mouth away after a few minutes of frantic kissing for, Jack assumed, a gasping breath of air. He, himself, proceeded to trail his lips in a kissing trail across the line of James’ jaw to the lobe of his ear- nibbling and sucking- before leaving a sucking path of (red) open-mouthed kisses down the length of his neck. James’ fingers gripped tightly at his waist.
“Jack…” James groaned out, his chest heaving as he turned his face to recapture his lips. “I- I won’t be able to stop if you… if you don’t…”
Jack tilted his head, kissing him almost chastely- one hand pressed palm-flat against James’ cheek.
“Maybe I don’t want you to stop,” he breathed out, his head feeling comfortably hazy with lust and the knowledge that no matter what had happened to him once upon a time, this is what was happening to him now, and now he had no regrets or qualms about it whatsoever. He wanted this. Wanted James. Wanted James to want him with that intoxicating hunger he could barely control at the sight of him in make-up. “Maybe I want you to clean me up,” he whispered, meeting the intensity of James’ gaze.
He hadn’t a moment to even contemplate the look that flashed across James’ face before, with a needy groan, his mouth was once again being devoured; his towel ripped from his hips without prelude soon after, with James’ hands sliding swiftly down to stroke over the curves of his arse before he curled his hands inwards at the top of his thighs and lifted him upwards in one expeditious move.
Jack gave a little cry of surprise against James’ mouth but dutifully wrapped his arms and legs around the other man as James moved forward to sit him upon the bathroom counter. He cried out again at the sudden coldness of the countertop against his arse, shivering not only at the chill but at the feel of James’ roaming fingers as they trailed up his spine, palming his ribs, the back of his neck, sliding round to press- palm-flat- against the quiver of his belly on a downward stroke that had him moving from half-mast to fully aroused before he could even contemplate the fact that James’ hand was on his cock at all- holding him and stroking him and- and-!
Jack broke away from their kissing with a pant, gasping out James’ name as he wheezed for air as James’ mouth continued to move across his naked flesh; he felt every stroke of his lover’s slight cheek-stubble as he moved his mouth down his neck, across his collar bones; he felt every wet lick of tongue as James licked his way down his sternum, down and down and…
“Oh, oh god!” Jack cursed, his fingers clawing at James’ shoulders as his lover’s mouth moved towards his straining erection, his hot breath ghosting over the glistening top in a tease before he flicked his tongue out across the head in a quick and tasting swipe. Jack’s head fell back with a moan, his body arching towards James and his mouth as he made another teasing lick at his cock.
“James!” He groaned out, looking down to see James grinning up at him, his mouth only inches away from his erection. Jack whimpered slightly, watching as that devilish tongue of his snaked out to lap once again at only the very tip of his cock. Jack clawed his hands into Jack’s shoulders in warning but his lover only grinned up at him once again.
“Don’t… don’t tease me,” Jack whimpered, forcing the words out as James dipped his head a little further, his nose nuzzling at his balls.
“Mmmm,” James moaned, breathing in deeply as he rubbed his nose and then pressed his lips into a kiss against them, “you don’t want me to tease you?” he asked, his voice amused.
“God, no!” He answered without pause for thought. “I want… I…”
“Yes?” James purred, his tongue slipping out past his lips to lick at his balls, teasing again. “Tell me what you want,” he ran his tongue upwards, swiping it suddenly up the length of his cock causing Jack to whimper back another moan.
“I want… I want your mouth on my cock.” He moved his hands to James’ head, forcing him to look upwards.
“Is that so?” James asked, almost casually. And Jack bit at his mouth with frustrated desire.
“Yes,” he gasped out, “Yes, please?”
“And what do you want me to do with your cock?” James felt the need to ask, “Once you have it in my mouth?”
Jack groaned, tugging at James’ head till the other man was standing upwards once again, his mouth within a kissing distance that Jack took immediate advantage of.
“I want you to suck me,” he whispered between a series of loud, wet kisses, “I want you to suck me hard,” he said, “and fast,” he held James’ head in position as he plundered his mouth, “I want… I want you to suck all of me, all the way… I want…”
Yes,” James agreed on a sudden exhale, and again- before Jack knew it- James’ head was dipped down between his legs, his mouth wasting no time now as he sucked Jack’s erection into his mouth with a guttural groan that vibrated right through Jack’s body- his toes curling in reaction as his lover began to move his head- his mouth- slowly up and down the length of his cock, as if relearning the taste and feel of him, finding and setting a pace that drove Jack crazy with want with every bob of his head.
Jack moved his hands to the counter, gripping the edge tightly in a bid to keep from curling them into James’ hair and using the leverage to piston himself deeper into the succulent heat of his mouth. He was moaning loudly now, wantonly, no shame on show as James worked him so expertly, moving further down his length with every downward bob till he was sucked in almost to the hilt and feeling the reflex swallowing of James’ throat as he kept from gagging and choking on the intrusion.
And it was heaven. Pure, unadulterated heaven as the climax rushed through him, his body tensing with the expectation moments before his orgasm surged throughout his entire body, forcing a wordless scream of pleasure from his lips as he bucked his hips unconsciously upwards with the need to release.
Afterwards, he could only slump forward into James’ reaching arms, his head tucked against James’ neck as he gasped for air- his beating heart loud and thundering to his ears as he loosely gripped James’ shirt collar between slackening fingers.
“James,” he called softly after a time. James hummed gently to show he was listening. “You’ve lipstick on your collar.” Jack said, smiling a little smugly against James’ shoulder.
James laughed, “Do I really?” he asked, grinning against Jack’s head. “Perhaps I’ll just have to leave it there. Go in to work tomorrow with the same shirt on and show everyone just what a naughty boy you can be.”
Jack snorted back a laugh, nuzzling his face closer to James’ skin. “I think,” he began, slipping his hand down between their bodies to palm the swell of James’ own neglected erection, “that by the time tomorrow comes, your shirt will be in no condition to be worn.”

“Mmmm…” James moaned, “I… I think I like that plan better,” he agreed. Jack lifted his head, smiling wickedly at James; his mouth smudged a staining, telltale red.
“Good,” Jack breathed, rubbing one hand over the front of James’ trousers whilst lifting the tube of lipstick with the other. He met James’ eyes with a smirk and said the words that made James, himself, go a little weak in the knees, “because now I want to see just how pretty you look with your face all painted up.”
James whimpered slightly. It was going to be a long and interesting night.

- - -


- - -

Tags: [&]: [m/m]: jack harkness/real!jack, fanfic: torchwood, fic: verse: anywhere is

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