Campaspe (cs_whitewolf) wrote,

going ga-ga!

I've been going so silly over Matt Rippy as of late. But that's hardly my fault. Can I be blamed if he seems to be appearing in everything at the moment? I mean, I've always had a soft spot for the guy (ever since "Cpt. Jack Harkness" of course) and well, that was kind of on a really slow simmer until sometime last week when gauky_1976posted [ this podcast interview (scroll down for episode 86) ] with the guy, where he talks about that aformentioned Torchwood episode and does a bit of a kiss-and-tell even though he wasn't supposed to, but just listening to him and what he says about the kiss with John Barrowman (and John's subsequent 'faithfulness' to Scott <33) made me go so ridiculiously gushy and I think that's started the whole thing to be honest. 

Because now I've been going out of my way to find out what he's been up to lately which led me to go see The Dark Knight (twice), alas I missed him in Bonekickers (youtube, don't fail me now! links people?!), but tonight I'm off to a hurriedly planned advanced screening of Hell Boy II, just because I know he has a cameo ::flails:: okay, I love the director too and though I've never seen the first one this one looks brill, but yeah, mostly going just because I know Matt is in it. Caspe fails, ys? 

Tags: [§] pretty boys, actor: matt rippy, movie: hellboy, movie: the dark knight

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