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Okay, flist, I need you guys to help out a bit here! As you know, in my last post I mentioned having spruced up [ my profile ]. My only trouble with it is that I have this rather large space to put in info about myself, but nothing to actually say. So I want you guys to help out by supplying me with 'statements'. They can be as realistic or outrageous as you like, I really won't mind! 

Example: "Caspe is a crazy-ass mofo"  or  "Caspe is the Ianto to my coffee"  

...personally I like them both. I think someone should use them XD ...and maybe something about Welshcakes too. Just because. 

So flist, have at it? Please? Honestly, anything you like! You can even be anonymous X)
Tags: [♥] flist love, misc: a little help...?

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