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03 August 2008 @ 07:10 pm
{ but the sun's been quiet now }  
Lookie, flist! Caspe has a lush new profile page [ here ] XD isn't it pretty, ys? All I need now is some *information* to put into the thing, but I've absolutely no idea what to put in it :S anyone got any ideas? Try not to get distracted by the pretty whilst you help me think of something, okay guys? heh.

I've been pretty productive today, which makes a nice change. I finally got started on conjunkie's (seriously belated) birthday fic, and got an awesome idea for the RPS fic I promised indiefairy for getting her thestopwatch fic done. I'm trying to stall a bit on the latter fic however because the idea behind that one revolves around the gig GDL played in Abergavenny. You know, the one where he's wearing slops flip-flops? And well, I'm terrified I started it like that because it's going to end up being some kind of foot-fetish piece and that really does gross the crap out of me. Only... well, it's Gareth! and I even forgave him for the chest hair so... who knows? XD

I haven't been productive on the NVQ3 project at all however. This is depressingly typical of me. My boss has however done my performance review and I've promised her I'll hand in something at least once a week. All together now, "Caspe fails!".

Also. The new Twilight novel comes out tomorrow. I've been conned into getting up at the crack of dawn (for a day off anyway) and jumping into town to get it. Yes. I am a bit of a fan of the series. Yes. I realise it's complete crack, but I was a Harry Potter fan too so... XD Anyway, the point of mentioning this little fact is because all the reviews for the novel thus far are of the "OMG FAIL" variety. Which amuses me to no end. But I'd like to know firstly if there are any other fans of the book on my flist? And secondly if you have any predictions for the novel? Please, if you've already read the novel/know spoilers DON'T tell me!

My cracky Twilight/Breaking Dawn predictions:
a) Bella runs away with Jacob becuase he is her ONE TWUE LURVE. <33
b) Bella would fail at being a vampire because she hates blood. So either she doesn't become one. Or she does and starves to death.
c) Edward becomes mortal. Only to die of the plague shortly afterwards. XD
d) Edward and Jacob realise that Bella is a whiny bitch and run away together.

That is all!
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a silent tsunami of stealth: quote // eddie izzard // genesissundayschild on August 4th, 2008 01:53 am (UTC)
::chuckles:: Well, at least one of us has been lately. (Productive, I mean) I've written -- what, half a page? in the last week or so.

It's very sad, actually.

And ooh, you like Twilight too? ::grins happily:: ::bounces up and down:: This is just getting better by the minute! 'Cos, see, it turns out that apparently a lot of my friends -- on LJ and in real life -- are fans of Twilight, and I just didn't know it.

(Actually, to tell you the truth, I think everyone is a fan of Twilight at this point. Even the semi-emo/semi-cute boy named Chris in my English class. And that's just weird, 'cos he's...not a big reader. At all.)

Did I mention I think Stephenie Meyers has magical powers she uses to hypnotize people? 'Cos I totally think she does.

Oh, and predictions? Hm, lemme see...

a) Alice and Bella realize that they never liked Jasper or Edward that much in the first place, and have actually been lesbians all along, and run off to get married in Vegas. Wait -- gay people can't get married in Vegas yet, can they? Oh well. Alice can always threaten them with dismemberment if they refuse. That should do the trick.

b) After said wedding takes place, Alice insists on buying Bella a better car, so Bella leaves her old truck to Jacob, and when he sits down in it for the first time to drive it home it promptly explodes in a shower of glittering rainbow dust and faeries. Yes, I said faeries. What, they've got vampires and werewolves, it's the only logical next step...

c) The Vulturi become vegetarians.

d) Rocks fall. Everyone dies. XD