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The Last Van Helsing, anyone?

 Ross Jenkins Christian Cooke is signing at the London Film and Comic Con today. How much do I want to be there right now? I'm ridiculiously jealous of everyone who gets to see him all up close and personal*! XD 

Wilst checking out the 'info' section Showmaster put up for him, I discovered that he's filming a new show for ITV called "The Last Van Helsing", in which Christian plays the lead character 'Luke'. Upon further detective work I managed to find this wee blurb of the mini-series:

"“In-humans” - supernatural entities with freakish powers - are on the move and the only one who can stand in their way is Luke Forsythe.  Luke is a normal, everyday seventeen-year-old Londoner; until one night he wakes up to find a mysterious stranger raiding his fridge.

Luke is the direct descendant of Abraham Van Helsing, legendary 'smiter', and the inspiration behind the Dracula story.  As his heir, Luke plays a key part in the never-ending struggle between the two species. As the world faces a fresh, onslaught Luke must confront his legacy and take his place as a crucial weapon in the coldest of cold wars."

The show apparently consists of 6x60minute episodes and is due to be released at some point this year. Exciting, ys? ...think they can squeeze in a reason for him to don that lush red UNIT cap again? tehehe.
*yes, that includes you, Denise, darling! But I love you hard for promising to take lots of pretty pictures for my oogling needs! I hope you enjoy the day, and promise your (alas, already belated) birthday fic will be the hawtest, smuttiest piece of fic you ever did read when I eventually finish it tonight XD

Tags: actor: christian cooke, character: [dw]: ross jenkins, tv series: last van helsing // demons

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