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{ he comes to you in dreams of darkness }

So a little birdy nudged me along to a certain dwtwslashawardscommunity where I've apparently had one of my fics nominated! 

A little searching and lo and behold, the nominated fic can be found under "Section Three: Best Pairing in a Fic" and in the subcategory "Best Other Torchwood Male/Male Fic (R-NC17)". Which fic was nominated, you ask? Why, only my beloved "Dreams of Darkness" featuring the creepy lush pairing of Bilis Manger/Ianto Jones! (R-Rated, and please read the warnings first!)

Of course I got really giddy about this, it's wonderful to have one of my more 'unique' pieces appreciated enough to be nominated. I'm not sure of my chances of winning said category as I'm up against a two other fics/pairings I've yet to read, but why don't ya'll toddle on over and check things out? Maybe place a vote or two? ::sly smile::

Also, it wasn't anyone on my flist who nominated it, was it??
Tags: character: [tw]: bilis manger, fanfiction: awards, on writing: contemplations

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