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Doctor Who "Special Guests" announced

 We've had our finger crossed. Our toes crossed. And pretty much everything else you can cross, crossed! But finally we have the confirmation we've been waiting for...

Torchwood will be crossing over into Doctor Who! Rock on XD Captain Jack and Ianto Jones for definite, though it says "Captain Jack and his Torchwood team", GDL has already confirmed his appearance and I'm assuming Eve will be in it too as Gwen! There is some spec about Owen and Tosh being in it, but unless they're part of Roses' alt/parellel world, I do seriously doubt it. 

I'm very squeeful over this news! All we need now is for them to announce the return of the Eighth Doctor for one of the specials next year and I'll be on top of the world! XD

[source here]
Tags: fandom: doctor who, fandom: torchwood, mood: squee!

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