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Ross Jenkins is Bringing Sexy Back

Ungh. You know you have it bad when you're sourcing ebay for an elusive copy of a Doctor Who magazine just because it happens to have an A4 sized poster of some minor character Ross Jenkins in it. Ho-yeah baby. That boy has cheekbones to die for. ::droolspot::

Also, for my kink_bingo (anyone tired of me talking about this yet? XD) prompt "sensory deprevation (sight)", I currently have around 1500words for a Jack Harkness/Ross Jenkins piece. Who's excited about this? I know I have some Ross fans on my flist ;)

Now, if I could just find that delectable batch of Ross-icons I saved somewhere... ::wanders off::

EDT: zomg you guys! Am I late to the party or what? XD

§ The Bring Ross Jenkins Back Petition
§ The Ross Jenkins Action Figure Petition

Man, I heart fandom so damn hard! <33
Tags: [&]: [m/m]: jack harkness/ross jenkins, [§] pretty boys, [§] youtube, challenge: kink_bingo, character: [dw]: ross jenkins, fandom: [!]: musings

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