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Kink_Bingo : Table

So... you guys realise ya'll completely FAIL at this "talking-me-out-of..." thing, right?

That said, you are all so forgiven because OMG WOULD YOU LOOK AT MY PROMPTS!? A girl could get herself pretty riled up just thinking about these things; imagine the fun I'ma gonna have writing them ;) 


Though I cannot promise I'll use them, any ideas you flisters have in regards to any of the prompts listed (pairings considered too!) lemme know and we'll see what I can do! The least amount of fics I have to write to 'complete' this card is 4. But I get bonus points for completing all 25, so you've all got to promise to get out those whips and chains and make sure I'm getting these prompts done, you hear? XD

::giggles naughtily and gets plotting::

Tags: challenge: kink_bingo

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