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TWFanFic: Oranges on Appletrees [Jack/real!Jack]

Title: Oranges on Appletrees
Beta(s)indiefairyand sarcasticchick <33
Rating(s): R/18-Rated.
Pairing(s): Jack Harkness/Jack “James Harper” Harkness.
Word Count: 4043words.
Summary: James wants to try something new. Jack has some reservations.
A/N: So many thanks to everyone who let me whore out the first draft of this piece to them! And to those of you who managed to hunt down and capture those elusive porn bunnies I was in desperate need of in order to finally finish this!
Dedication: To my darlings jemzamiaand harem_ent; though I’d envisioned supplying you both with completely different pieces in celebration of your respective birthdays, the world conspired against me and so you’re both going to have to share this one instead. But, since it’s long and has two unbelievably sexy men getting it on, I’m sure there’ll be no hard feelings ;) All my love to you both for you are made of so much win! <33
 - - -
What’s that?” Jack asked, slipping his suit jacket from his shoulders and shooting James an enquiring look.
“I thought we’d try something new,” James answered. He shot Jack a big grin, waggling his eyebrows as he slipped the small plastic packet he’d been investigating into the back pocket of his trousers.
Jack narrowed his eyes, unclipping his cuffs and moving over. “And by new you mean…?”
“Something we haven’t tried before?” Came James’ amused reply. Jack got close enough to smack at him and James laughed, grabbing at Jack’s hands and dragging him forward.
He planted a quick smack of a kiss against Jack’s mouth. “Play nice,” James said, smiling and leaning in to dance a few more close-mouthed kisses across Jack’s lips, teasing his lover as Jack tried to catch his lips in a bid to deepen the contact.
James chuckled, expertly avoiding any drawn out contact with his lover. The Captain moaned in frustration, freeing his hands from James’ grip and reaching up to clasp at the back of his head, holding James firmly in place as he pressed their lips together.
James smiled against his mouth, allowing him the contact but nothing more. Jack gave another aggravated moan at James’ passiveness, moving to nip sharply at his lover’s bottom lip in an attempt to force a reaction. James hissed, his hands moving to grab at Jack’s shoulders as he jerked the other man closer- pressing them chest to chest.
“That wasn’t very nice,” James muttered, eyes smouldering as he stared into the sparkle of Jack’s own gaze.
“You were teasing.” Jack replied, threading his fingers through James’ hair, trailing them down to the nape of his neck and tugging just so at the short tufts of hair there. James shivered at the touch, leaning into the questing fingers. Jack began running his other hand down James’ back, his palm hot through the thin cotton of his lover’s shirt.
Jack leant forward for another attempt at a kiss. James pulled back for a moment, eyeing the slow smile that twisted Jack’s lips.
“I won’t bite,” he promised, leaning in to swipe his tongue swiftly across James’ bottom lip, enjoying the plump redness as it bruised from the small hurt he’d caused.
“Well, not unless you ask me to.” Jack grinned. James pressed forward this time, smashing their lips together and dragging a surprised gasp from Jack. The other man pressed closer, the hand once settled in the small of James’ back moving to curve over swell of his arse, fingers squeezing the firm flesh just as he sucked James’ tongue into his mouth and laved it thoroughly with his own.
James shifted against him, spreading his legs a little in an attempt to draw Jack even nearer, his hands tight and squeezing upon Jack’s shoulders before moving to clasp him about the waist; long arms wrapping them tightly together as they kissed each other to breathlessness.
It wasn’t until they had to part for air that James heard the crinkle of plastic and realised Jack was no longer groping his arse. He pulled away enough to eye the other man suspiciously, nowhere near convinced by the suddenly innocent light to Jack’s eyes as he smiled sweetly and tried to lean in for another kiss.
Keeping one arm wrapped firmly about his lover’s waist, James reached round himself in an attempt to grab at Jack’s wayward hand. Jack twisted, his smile becoming a minx like grin as he waved his arm about, trying to avoid capture. More rustling ensured and James gaped at the man before him.
“You little sneak!” He exclaimed and Jack laughed, wriggling himself enough leeway to twist his whole body out of James’ hold. He danced nimbly out of reach, the plastic packet James had previously slipped into his back pocket now clasped tightly in one of Jack’s hands.
“You can’t really blame me,” Jack smiled widely at him, “I did learn from the best.”
James raised an eyebrow at that statement. “I think I resent that,” he replied, inching closer to where Jack now stood.
“Oh, no you don’t!” Jack said with a laugh, moving around the room till he had at least the couch and a coffee table between them. “I want to see what this ‘something new’ is. And I don’t plan on finding out when you’ve got me cuffed to the headboard again.”
James’ grin was lecherous. “You didn’t like the ice cubes?”
“Oh I liked the ice cubes just fine,” Jack reassured. “It was the blindfold I wasn’t too keen on.”
“You didn’t seem to mind it where the chocolate sauce was concerned,” James pouted and Jack shot him a pointed stare.
“I was referring to the time you decided to try the candle wax.”
James grinned brightly. Jack glared. James tried to dive over the couch towards him, and Jack laughed, easily moving out of reach as he dug one hand into the plastic bag.
His first thought was that it was some new kind of lubrication. One that came in a rather small tube; Jack frowned and removed the lid, his eyes widening in recognition as he twisted the end of the cylindrical tube and watched a shock of red creep up out of the tube.
“Lipstick!?” Jack gaped, staring in disbelief. A shadow fell over him and he realised James had used his lapse in attention to get within grabbing range. He wasn’t however doing any grabbing, choosing to stare intently at Jack instead, as if gauging his reaction to the contents of the bag.
Jack quickly untwisted and snapped the lid back onto the lipstick before digging his hand back into the bag. There were only two other items: one was a long stick of black kohl eyeliner; the other was a compact case containing a dark rouge blusher complete with brush.
“So?” James sounded oddly hesitant, reaching out to take the items from Jack’s hands as the Captain looked up slowly, his frown deepening.
“I- you want me to wear that?” Jack asked slowly.
“Yeah,” James replied somewhat breathlessly.
“You don’t think it’s a bit… girlish?” Jack tried, his mouth twisting with the word.
“I think that’s the point.” James smiled and Jack shot him an unreadable look.
“I’m not sure, James,” he began, raising his hand to scratch awkwardly at his neck, “I mean, I was always told it was wrong.”
James’ eyebrows shot up, his smile widening at the admittance. “You’ve done this before?” It wasn’t so much a question as an accusation and it had Jack blushing and ducking his head in a nod. James felt momentarily elated.
“Oh, you minx!” He laughed, his eyes bright with delight. “Tell me more?”
Jack whacked at him playfully. “It was only the once,” He admitted, his cheeks darkening further, “I was seventeen. It was my mother’s makeup. My father caught me, completely freaked and the next thing I knew I was in the air force.”
Jack dropped his eyes. Though he’d only supplied the barest of details, the incident was one he’d never before spoken of. It was strangely exhilarating. Fingers brushed across his jaw, tilting his face upwards into a kiss.
James’ lips were soft and slow and Jack found himself growing breathless as he clung to his lover. A feather-soft touch brushed across his cheek and he whimpered into the kiss, his eyelids flickering as James seemed hesitate. The feather light touch came again, and Jack blinked his eyes open with a pout of a frown.
James’ eyes were already open; open and sparkling with a mischief Jack had learned to be wary of even when it set his blood on fire. His lover kept flicking his gaze between Jack’s eyes and his cheek and Jack felt his breath catch in a gasp.
“Tell me you didn’t?” He eventually managed, reaching up to touch at his cheek. James’ fingers snapped out to catch at his wrist and Jack gaped at the sight of the makeup brush still clasped between James’ fingers like a freshly lit cigarette, the bristling ends stained with the rouge of the blusher.
“I didn’t?” James dutifully replied, a wide smile on his face. Jack didn’t know whether to laugh or scowl and so settled on a disbelieving gape, too stunned even to react as James leant in for another kiss whilst inconspicuously swapping the blusher brush to his other hand and repeating the butterfly kiss of a swipe diagonally across Jack’s other cheek.
Jack gasped, pulling back again. Jack moved his hands to hold him tightly about the waist, thinking to himself as he swiped his tongue against suddenly dry lips, that he needn’t have bothered with the rouge as Jack’s cheeks were staining a rather alluring blush-pink all on their own.
“God you’re gorgeous,” James breathed. Jack watched him, feeling a little breathless himself. He stepped back, dragging James with him till he felt the edge of the couch pressing against the back of his knees. James smiled at him, gently easing him down onto the couch before proceeding to climb onto Jack’s lap, his legs folding on either side of Jack’s thighs as he settled, making himself comfortable.
Jack ran his hands up James’ thighs as his lover rested his own arms about his shoulders, watching him with an amused sort of seriousness that both quickened his heartbeat and stopped him from breathing.
“What’s next?” He managed to get out, the words a whoosh of expelled air as he waited expectantly for James to make the next move. James smiled again, leaning in to brush his lips across Jack’s mouth, his tongue teasing against his lover’s lips, just peeking into his mouth for seconds before pulling away entirely.
“Will you let me paint your face, Jack?” James asked, his voice barely louder than a whisper. “Will you let me turn you into a pretty boy, Jack? A girlish looking boy?” As he spoke, James slowly ran one hand down Jack’s chest, palming his way over the buttons of Jack’s shirt, over the heave of his lover’s stomach, coming to a momentary rest just above the fastenings of his pants. James grinned roguishly at him before reaching still further down and palming his hand over Jack’s very interested groin.
“Will you let me, Jack?” He whispered again, pleading, urging and Jack gasped, biting so prettily at his lips that it made James want to moan so very wantonly at the sight of it. He gently stroked Jack’s burgeoning erection through the coarse fabric of his pants, knowing that the friction would be a torturous kind of want for the other man.
“James- !” Jack gasped out, fingers squeezing reflexively at James’ thighs.
“Let me?” James repeated, his voice louder, hoarser, as he continued to rub Jack to hardness.
“Yes,” Jack breathed, his eyes dark and sure as they fixed on James’ face with a sudden intensity. “Yes.” He agreed and James leant in again to claim a demand of a kiss from him; he made no pretence at subtlety as he thrust his tongue deep into Jack’s mouth, taking everything the other man hand to offer him and giving only some of himself back in return.
When they pulled back, they were both breathing hard. Jack whimpered as James removed his stroking hand from the front of his pants in favour of reaching for the stick of eyeliner.
“Think you can hold still for me?” James managed to get out. Jack could only nod wordlessly, his mouth too dry to form any sort of coherent answer.
“Then close your eyes,” James said, smiling shakily and watching as Jack’s eyelids flickered shut. He leant in, pressing ghost-kisses to each closed eye before he began to work the stick of kohl across Jack’s upper lids- coating them lightly just above the line of his lashes. He repeated the gesture around the bottom lids, stroking the liner a little more thickly just below the swipe of his eyelashes.
When Jack re-opened his eyes, James felt his breath catch in his throat as Jack’s green eyes sparkled so very brightly back at him, the colour made all the more startling by the liner coating them, enhancing the sly tilt of his eyes as Jack cocked his head, staring up at James and taking in his reaction with a certain sort of curiosity.
“This really turns you on?” Jack asked, his forehead creasing just slightly as he watched his lover.
James grinned, “You’ll find there aren’t many things that don’t turn me on.” He chucked at the roll of Jack’s eyes even as he brought up the tube of lipstick. He popped the lid off and twisted the base till the bright red colour peeked up and over the rim, standing tall and so very boldly proud before their eyes.
Jack’s mouth fell open of its own accord; more a gape of wonder than an invitation to sweep the lipstick across the slackness of his mouth, but James wasn’t ever one to look a gift-horse in the mouth as he set about painting up his lover’s lips. He applied the lipstick thickly, dragging it over the fullness of Jack’s lips till they were plumped- ready and waiting to be abused, he imagined, with kisses and cock, his mouth stretched over the girth of James’ erection as he slid it past the willing ‘O’ of Jack’s lips.
James let out a shuddering breath. His pants feeling rather too tight and restricting as he shifted against Jack’s lap. He felt his lover’s fingers constricting in their hold on his thighs and he shifted once again, pushing himself up against Jack’s own thigh as he tried to both ignore and appease his own desires.
“Don’t move,” James whispered as he dropped the lipstick to the side and lifted his hand to touch delicately at Jack’s lips, his own mouth trembling with the urge to just lean in and smear kisses across the willing plumpness of Jack’s lips. Jack, for his part, kept his lips parted just so as James ran his index finger in a ghost of a touch along the pout of his lower lip. His heart stuttered in place as he stared up into Jack’s face, seeing the level of concentration and self-control he was exerting over this whole thing.
Jack felt a fever of desire rush through him, making him ache to arch into James’ arms as he witnessed just how much this was turning his lover on.
“James-,” Jack breathed, his lips folding slightly over the tip of James’ finger as his mouth momentarily closed on the name. James started a little, his eyes flickering from Jack’s mouth to his eyes.
“James,” Jack repeated, this time allowing his tongue to slide over the tip of James’ finger after speaking his name. James’ eyes fluttered, his breath catching as he looked back to Jack’s mouth.
“Jack-,” James’ voice came out strangled and he swallowed heavily, the finger he held to Jack’s lip pressing more firmly downwards, slipping across the curve of his lover’s mouth and dragging a faded streak of red upwards from the corner.
“Jack, I- I don’t think I can…” he tried to speak and failed, his own mouth opening and closing as he stared at Jack.
“Then don’t,” Jack said, his hands sliding up James’ thighs to grasp firmly at his hips. He arched upwards, dragging James into him as he surged up to kiss at his lover’s mouth, unheeding of James’ unspoken warning that once they started this, there’d be no easy way to make him stop; to make his hands unclench their fistfuls of Jack’s shirt, to make him stop rocking his hips into Jack’s crotch as Jack grabbed large and grasping handfuls of his arse in encouragement, to make him pull away from Jack’s lusciously painted lips when even the dizziness of breathlessness threatened to end things before they began.
Jack managed to turn his head to the side, gasping for air even as James’ mouth continued to assault his jaw, his neck, his collar bone as James all but tore the topmost buttons of his shirt free in his haste. He moaned approvingly at James’ hunger, turning his head back to capture his lover’s mouth, sucking at his lips and his tongue and loosing himself in the taste of the other man whilst their hands moved frantically over one another; touching and teasing and tearing their clothes open to bare naked flesh to roaming hands that wanted more than they could get.
Jack allowed his hands to slide back round from James’ arse, his fingers trembling against the fastenings of both belt and zipper as he hurried to get James’ pants open. Accomplishing that feat, his hand immediately slipped in to cup at James’ hardness, pressing firmly against the other man’s erection as he half-stroked, half-squeezed the engorged flesh.
James moaned softly against his mouth, his hips rocking harder into the pressure of Jack’s hand he dragged his own hands over the flatness of Jack’s abdomen and up his chest- fingers brushing over the peak of his nipples before giving the left one an almost vicious pinch that had Jack keening a cry of pain-turned-pleasure as James’ mouth left his own to suck kisses over the hurt.
“Oh, James-,” Jack groaned heartily, his free hand lifting to scratch through James’ hair, fingers twisting and curling to hold tightly at the soft strands and encourage the laving of James’ tongue against his skin.
James pulled away, his eyes blown black with his lust as he looked at Jack, his chest heaving with a need for air he seemed unable to take in.
“Your mouth is all red,” Jack said, running his tongue over his own lips as he watched the smile creeping over James’ face.
“So is yours,” James told him, purring the words as he leant in to lick his tongue in a swipe across Jack’s lips, pausing to press a soft kiss to the corner of Jack’s mouth, before then licking his way across Jack’s cheek till he reached his ear.
“You look like a whore for me, Jack,” he breathed and the hand Jack held against his cock stilled in shock at his words. James clenched his eyes shut at the gesture but gave no other sign of upset as he slipped his tongue along the curve of Jack’s ear before moving to lave a wet kiss against his inner ear, “and it makes me so hard to see you like this.”
Jack let out a shuddering gasp, the expulsion of air stroking across James’ cheek. “If you tell me that the idea of me being with other men also turns you on,” Jack began slowly, his fingers unconsciously tightening around James’ erection, “I will seriously maim you, James Harper.”
James laughed shakily, pulling far enough away to meet his lover’s eyes, seeing the fire that burned in the depths of his blue gaze. “Never,” he promised, touching almost delicately at Jack’s face, “I’m far too jealous a type of guy to even let you think about other men.”
“Is that so?” Jack pressed, his hand pressing too and drawing a half-choked moan from James even as he nodded his response.
“And what about you, James?” He asked, pulling James’ erection free from his pants, his thumb stroking across the wetness of its head.
“Me?” James managed to say, his hands clenching now at Jack’s shoulders.
“Yes, James, you,” Jack smiled, “more specifically, you and other men.”
“I- what?” James gaped at him, his whole body thrumming as he held himself still, trying to ignore the thrills of pleasure that shot right down to curl his toes as Jack continued to stoke him irregardless of his words. He shook his head, as if trying to convince himself he hadn’t just heard Jack say what he had said.
“I think,” he began with wary cautiousness, “that you’re far too coherent right now,” he answered instead.
“Mmmm… sure you won’t answer?” Jack taunted and James shook his head with a frown of sudden deliberation.
“Anything I say or do will be held against me…” James began and Jack let loose a sudden laugh. He wrapped his free arm about James’ shoulders and dragged him in for a long kiss.
“You’re not being tried, James,” Jack laughed against his mouth.
“Not unless I do say or do something you don’t like anyway,” he muttered wryly and Jack laughed once again before kissing him soundly.
“If I promised-,” Jack tried.
“No,” James nipped at Jack’s mouth. “No more talking, pretty boy,” Jack glared at him a second before he was once again being kissed; James’ hands finally finding their way back to his crotch to unfasten his pants and draw his own hardness from the restricting confines of his underwear in the endeavour of making him scream nonsensical words and forget everything including his own name and an almost mood killer of a conversation.
He stroked Jack’s erection frantically, using long, hard drags of his hand to drive his lover to distraction. He moved his lips greedily against Jack’s, tasting the heat and want and need emitting from the other man as he plundered his mouth without premise.
He could feel his desire reaching its peak as Jack stroked him back just as hurriedly; his own moans reverberating throughout his body as Jack called his name- over and over as if in prayer- his hands large and anchoring as they drew every inch of his pleasure from his body till James swore he saw stars, great explosions of colour behind his eyelids as his eyes rolled back and his body grew taunt in a spasm that lasted for perpetuity in a second before he slumped forward against Jack, his breathing harsh and loud to his own ears as he came down from his orgasm.
Jack’s own breaths were still heavy pants against his neck as he released James and reached for his own straining erection, his hands folding over James’ own and encouraging him to stroke- up and down and squeeze and stroke and repeat and then, and then- oh… Jack gasped out almost silently as his own orgasm took him; warm stickiness coating their hands and staining their already soiled clothes.
They lay, half-slumped against one another, their bodies sagging- light with release but heavy with exhaustion. James turned his head against Jack’s shoulder, kissing softly at his lover’s neck before forcing himself upright. He looked intently at Jack’s face, Jack- with his eyes half-lidded- watched through his lashes as James touched first his lips- swollen red, his mouth stained a tell-tale rouge- then his cheeks- still flushed red, accentuated (exaggerated) by the blusher- then his eyes, which he flickered closed- kohl smudged across his lids, above and below.
“You’re beautiful,” James whispered, his hand falling away. Jack opened first one eye then the next to regard the man before him. His legs were going numb but he said nothing, not wanting to lose James’ touch just yet.
“I thought I was ‘pretty’?” Jack returned, raising an eyebrow. James shook his head with a smile.
“I was teasing,” he said, leaning in to rest his head against Jack’s shoulder once more, one hand pressed against his chest as the other keep hold of Jack’s slicked fingers, their hands held between their bodies.
“You don’t think I’m pretty?” Jack asked, laughing softly as James growled warningly at him. He ran his free hand through James’ hair, turning his head to kiss at the sweat dampened strands.
“About that mention of other men…” Jack said after a moment and James pulled away.
“Jack,” he started, frowning at his lover. Jack shook his head, pressing a finger to James’ lips.
“I think you’ve misinterpreted me,” he smiled, “I meant to ask, what if the idea of you with other men turns me on?”
James gaped at him for one long, drawn out moment before his face split into the widest grin Jack had yet seen and he bellowed out a loud and carefree laugh.
“And they think I’m the kinky one?” He leaned in, still laughing as he kissed Jack’s swollen lips. The answer to that question, however, would have to wait.

- - -


- - -

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