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{ the animals were gone }


{ John and Carol Barrowman talk to Borders about "Anything Goes"  }

They are so adorable together. Total brother/sister dynamic going on there, and it sounds like they had one helluva blast reminiscing about John's life X)
§ I realised why (aside from having no time) I've been putting off my report on The Rift. It's because I want to get my grubby little paws on the picture of Kai and me first!! I've mailed the organisers and am awaiting instructions on how to view the pictures. I feel my report will be but a shadow of itself without a big sparkly picture of Kai Owen to slap inside!! heh. Though I have to say, the picture with me and Gareth? Looking good! ;) oh yeah. There'll likely be plenty of inappropriate "flist, have you met my bf?" comments floating about once I post it up. heh. Why yes, I am shallow.

§ Why is writing porn such a pain in the arse  so damn hard  difficult? I've been playing around with this Jack/real!Jack fic I'm writing for a while now and have got to a point where the boys are about to start getting it on and for the life of me I just cannot seem to progress onto the smutty stuff. Which is annoying as I really want to finish it. Even whoring it out to most of you guys isn't helping the muse get things going. I just keep staring at the flashing cursor and scratching my head, thinking 'well, I know what I want to happen...'. Would leaving the <insert porn here> bit really make people lynch me? Honest, I can blame it on bad coding or something? Ys? ...okay, someone keep the whip handy. I WILL get it finished by tomorrow evening. ::positive thinking:: ...maybe?

§ Finished the first book of my 8th Doctor collection over the weekend. Discovered a couple very interesting things which I will share with you all as soon as I find the notes I made on it XD ...don't worry, it's not of essay-like proportions, maybe just a couple of bullet points! I'm not sure when I'll get started on the second instalment as I've moved on to yet another "series". heh. I love me my books! Remind me to show ya'll my library ;) currently sitting at around 193books (not including the ones under the bed). And still growing!

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